This Just In: Raiding CAN Be Fun!

April 24th, 2009

I was going to save this for Saturday’s post… but I just couldn’t do it.

10-man Ulduar is so much fun!

Last night, I remembered what made me start raiding.  It was fun, once upon a time.

We had some trouble getting 25 people together and motivated this week.  We still seem to be nowhere near getting Razorscale down with our group.  It’s been stressful, drama-filled and depressing trying to push on, and I’ve even been tempted to say “Screw this!” and retire myself from raiding.  That’s how much I am disenchanted by the guild and our raid group right now.

Wednesday night we ran out of people and decided to switch to 2 10-man groups instead.  We all headed in to take out Flame Leviathan – our group didn’t have a proper composition, so that’s as far as we went.  The other group managed to get Razor and XT down as well, and even picked up a few achievements!

Thursday we didn’t have enough people, so we decided to continue on with our 10-mans.  It took a little scrambling to get 2 semi-properly composed groups, but we managed.  We headed in and our group banged away at Razorscale making very clear progress, getting her down after about 5 tries.

Mistakes were made, but the nice thing about 10-mans is that it’s easier to see where the problems are and improve them.  I forgot to go over after the first harpoon was ready a couple of times, but I learned, and I improved and then we achieved our goal.

We also took down XT and even had a visit with Kolgarn.

10-mans are more focused, and each person is more responsible for their actions.  This is a good way to learn how to do real raids again.  We can all find our weaknesses and improve on them and see real results from it.  This is the learning experience we need before we can even think of getting further in Heroic.

I learned and enjoyed myself exponentially more last night that I have since the day Ulduar game out.  We were taking down new bosses, learning new strategies, and were ACTUALLY PROGRESSING.

We weren’t spending 3 nights making the same mistakes and dying the same way on Razorscale like we do on 25.

The leadership has said we are a 25-man guild, so we’ll continue at 25-man raiding.  But to be honest, I think it’s silly.  I think everyone got more out of the 10-mans than they did when Razorscale just continually wiped the floor with us.

The gear in 10-man Ulduar may not be better, but for the level of skill we are at right now, the experience most certainly is.

If we end up doing 25-mans next week… I think I might cry, because now that I’ve remembered what fun and education I can get from raiding, it’ll make it just that much harder to go back to wiping repeatedly on Razorscale.

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3 comments to “This Just In: Raiding CAN Be Fun!”

  1. Excellent post. I have yet to attempt Ulduar on 25. I don’t want to go in there yet for that exact reason. I do 10 mans 3 nights a week, and it is so much fun. Its more personal, and easy for everyone to join in and joke around on vent. We have a nice system with my raid group. We made a “game” out of the blame game. If someone makes a mistake, we put them on blast and everyone joins in and laughs about it. Not only does this destress the situation but it also identifies the mistakes and brings them out in the open. You couldnt have that much fun in a 25.

  2. It seems like most people had fun last night, and I’m glad for them.

  3. [...] spent Thursday night in 10-mans again.  I had so much fun, and I learned a lot… in fact, I wrote about it all yesterday. This Week in Raiding… is my weekly Saturday post where I allow myself to brag [...]