Highlights from the Blogosphere (04/10-04/23)

April 24th, 2009

This one is spanning two weeks because I didn’t bother with one last week.  I’m going to focus on great 3.1 guide posts, mainly Argent Tournament and Ulduar!

The Argent Tournament Tourist Guide @ Banana Shoulders
Siha has a 3 part (only 2 parts are published so far) series explaining the ins and outs of the Argent Tournament.  It certainly helped me when I found myself lost and getting my Aspirant butt kicked!

Healing Ulduar @ World of Matticus
They’ve posted up a few very helpful boss-specific guides to healing at WoM, as well as overall strategies.

Ulduar Boss Fight Videos @ The Angry Butterfly and Less QQ, More PewPew
Neg and Dro have both posted up videos of their boss fights so far in Ulduar.  I haven’t watched them all yet, but I really prefer to watch videos instead of just reading strategies.  I tend to forget what I read, but videos help to really understand what’s going on and answer more questions.

highlightsHighlights from the Blogosphere is my weekly Friday post to share some of the interesting, funny or informative blog posts I’ve read over the past week.

You can check out all the blogs I read on my list of Other Peoples’ Blogs!

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