Friday Five-hundred: Taz’dingo of Sen’jin

April 24th, 2009

Another short story inspired by Anna’s Friday Five – I chose to go the ficlet route with this one.

In 500 words, the conversation between your character and the Argent Tournament recruiter for his or her faction capitol.

My story isn’t exactly that, but it is about how Brajana came to discover the Argent Tournament.  And I’ve even added a backstory for my bank alt.  Ha!

Brajana dismissed her Proto-drake as she set foot on solid ground at Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran.  She took a few deep breaths – she was still trying to get used to the bumping and swaying involved in flying wtih her newest companion, it was not nearly as smooth a ride as her Netherdrake provided.

It had been a long day full of little excitement.  She’d spent most of it stocking up on leather from the beasts of Sholazar Basin, enough to craft a few new articles as well as see if the local leatherworking shop would be interested in some fine tanned hides.

On her way back to Dalaran she had stopped for a walk along the waters of Lake Wintergrasp.  It wasn’t really a calm place, but she enjoyed the breeze and the sounds of battle in the distance usually soothed her.  But today,  it left her wondering why there are still such petty battles between the races of the Alliance and Horde when there are such bigger concerns to deal with in this world.  She thought some might continue this battle only to feel a sense of familiarity – a reminder of a time when it was simply a battle between mortal races.

Brajana headed to The Filthy Animal to organize herself and enjoy a warm drink in the company of fellow Trolls. It was rather busier than most nights, but she managed to find a bench facing the fire that she could claim as her own.

“Brajana?  Dat you?”

She looked up, but didn’t turn.  She knew the voice – it was Taz’dingo, a young, excitable Troll who she’d grown up with in Sen’jin.  He took the liberty of making room for himself on her bench.

“Taz.  It is good to see you, brother.  How are your parents?” she asked, trying to avoid stories of his outlandish adventures.

“Ah, still keepin’ to de Islands, ya know dem!  Ha!  Dey ain’t been so happy dat I come ta da North!  ‘Too cold!’ Dey says.  Well, dere be plenty a Trolls up here!  ‘N dey’ll be so proud when I come home wearin’ da colours of Sen’jin as a Champion!”

Brajana hadn’t really been listening to him until she heard his last words.

“A Champion for Sen’jin? What do you mean?”  She was intrigued.  She’d been fighting for so long in Sen’jin’s name…

“The Argent Tournament!  Ya can not say ya haven’t been to da Tournament, out in da Northern parts of Icecrown!  We’re trainin’ to fight Arthas, all da races!  Da hoomans even be lettin’ me ride their horse.  Ha!  What a sight!”

Brajana usually didn’t put much stock into Taz’dingo’s words, but if there really was a place where people had put aside their differences and were really working towards fighting the Citidel…

“Taz… what is that monstrosity strapped to your back?! You’ll put someone’s eye out with that thing!”

“IT BE MY LANCE!” He exclaimed proudly, “For the battlin’, ya know?”

As tempted as she was, she knew better than to ask Taz’dingo anything further.  She made a note to make time for a visit to Icecrown the next day.

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