Ghugh, forty!

April 8th, 2009
Click to see the full screenshot!

Click to see the full screenshot!

My dear little Dwarf Paladin hit level 40 last night!  This makes him my 3rd character ever to make it to this point.  While it’s not quite what it used to be, now that we get mounts at 30… I still get some new shinies!

I managed to buy 4 pieces of level 40 plate gear for only 18 gold on the AH… pretty sweet deal.

I like to keep Ghugh happy with a shiny new weapon every 10 or so levels, so I replaced his Viscous Hammer with a pretty nice little gem… Darkmoon Executioner!  It comes from the Demons deck, which I picked up for just 20 gold.  I splurged when Gadgets offered to enchant it with Crusader if I only provided the Righteous Orbs… so for another 40 gold (for 2 Orbs) I’ve now got a pretty darn awesome level 40 weapon.

Plus, I think it looks really cool.  It certainly has an appropriate name!

I also replaced my… Soldier’s Wristguards of the Bear.  That’s right, I was still wearing a level 10 BoE +1 stam, +1 str.  Why?  Apparently there is a serious lack of Mail wrist armour for paladins in the quests I did.


One thing that’s nice about Ghugh not having been transferred to the new account yet… If I’m feeling particularly ludic, I can continue playing him while I am getting ready for the raid on Brajana.  Dualboxing FTW!

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  1. Never been much for pallies….but always been one for dings:

    Davlin’s last blog post..Live Show Wednesday 9 eastern time!