Alouette meets the Balance Druid.

April 7th, 2009

chickenMonday nights are alt nights for me and the boy.  It was exclusively a time to work on the Mage/Prot Warrior combo, but since we’ve rerolled my priest and a druid to use the recruit-a-friend, Alouette’s had to get pushed to the backburner for a while, which means she’s stuck at 70.

But I do love my mage.  So when Gadgets called me to let me know he’d be working very late last night, I decided I’d play Alouette anyway.  I can’t level without him, and I was in a bit of a ludic mood so I tried my hand at PvP.

PvPing as a level 70 mage in the 70-79 bracket is not the smartest idea.  Do you know how long it takes a level 79 to do 6283 damage to a clothy? I’d tell you, but my timer doesn’t count in milliseconds.

I queued up AB and WSG, since I didn’t have any achievements in either.  WSG popped first.  I zone in to a game which was 2-0 for the Alliance, and I immediately realized all my macros were still missing from transferring!  D’oh.  So I sat in the flag room and fixed that while my teammates won me [Warsong Gulch Victory] and [Warsong Gulch Perfection].  Thanks guys!

After I’d fixed the rest of my macros, AB popped.  It was a fresh game… I was quite disoriented. Arathi Basin is my favourite battleground, but I’d never done it from the Alliance side before.  The map was constantly backwards in my head. :)

I spent the first 5 minutes without a single Honorable Kill.  Even though I was following a group of others around, two hits from a cat or a Death Knight and BAM!  I’m having tea with my dear friend, the Spirit Healer.

It was a very long and close game, and I quickly developed a nemesis.  A level 77 Balance Druid.  His name started with an H.  Let’s call him… Hogarth.

I claimed my post defending the Stables like a good little gnome, finger hovering over my instant cast and AoE keybindings.  as I look around, in the distance I see a giant bird-owl-chicken-beast thing coming at me with a gaggle of trees in tow.  He’s on me before I can do anything.

Trees everywhere!  Ah!  Feign Death!  No, this is a mage.  There is no Feign Death.

Ice Block!  But before I know it, I find myself asking the Spirit Healer if she knows where the heck I put that button on my bars, because I certainly don’t.

I’m quickly back into the battle, stationed at the stables… holding my position.  I turn around… it’s Hogarth again.  And his horrible trees.  Just as they are about to hit me I try to Frost Nova, but before I can… BAM!  A giant mysterious tidal wave hits me and sends me flying.  It takes out half of my health and the rest quickly follows with a Moonfire.

I ask the Spirit Healer how I’ve never in my life seen that spell before.  Guess I haven’t done much PvP since 3.0.

This means war.  I mount up and go Chicken hunting.  I’m gonna get him down if it’s the last thing I do!  I’ve got my battle strategy ready to go.

There he is!  His trees lay dead on the ground beside him already.

“You’re not going to take our horsies!” I cry as I power up my Fireball.

Fireblast!  Dragon’s Breath!  Fir– oooh, look at the pretty stars!

Once again the Spirit Healer hovers there, mocking me for up to 30 seconds as my little Gnome fills with fiery rage.

*BRRRING!*  The Horde has won the match!

I got out of there with 14 HKs, and at least as many deaths.

Someday we’ll meet again, Hogarth.

And I’ll be having BBQ’d chicken for dinner that night, if it’s the last thing I do.

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6 comments to “Alouette meets the Balance Druid.”

  1. I don’t think my mage ever had any trouble with balance druids in PvP. The feral druids pretty well eat my lunch every time always finding a nice way to stun-lock me after I’ve already blinked.

    My arch enemies for the mage though has always been paladins and enhancement shamans.

    Psynister’s last blog post..Moving to WordPress

  2. Keep in mind this balance druid was seven levels ahead of me, and I’m still in Outlands greens for the most part. I also haven’t nearly developed the instincts on my mage that I have on my hunter, so I’m not quick enough to react, and it doesn’t help that I haven’t played my mage at all (let alone in PvP) in the last month or so, and have had a Prot Warrior handling the up close business for the last few. :)

  3. One thing I try to do when I’m leveling or working on alts is put bottons that do similar things in similar places.

    As raiders we start to develop muscle memory. When something “ocrap” happens and I need a fast attack I always hit 3. For a long time in caster for 3 was my moonfire and that memory of “ocrap, hit 3!” is still with me. You’ll notice when I try to CC on KT fights I’ll accidentally moonfire them instead. It’s that same “ocrap, hit 3!” instinct. I eventually got wise and just moved Cyclone to my 3 button instead of trying to re-train my hard-earned instincts.

    Another example, I’ve got growl and cower in the same place, that is the place for aggro-management, on my Shaman Wind Shock is also in that spot, my heals all go on the right, mounts in the same spot, trinkets and “make me awesome” DPS/Mitigation cooldowns are all in the same spot across all characters. That way, when crap hits the fan, if I’m running around as a shaman and forget that I’m not a giant kitty of doom at least I’ll be finding the proper buttons in generally the right spot.

    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..Tuesday Fun-Time

  4. Yeah, it’s a good idea and I generally do the same (2 is always my best instant cast for grabbing things or finishing stuff off). However I don’t always remember where they are on my action bar since I’m not at all a clicker – ask me where Feign Death is on my screen and I’ll have no answer. But I can tell you I play dead when I hit Ctrl+1.

    Unfortunately not only did I lose all my macros but also my keybindings when I transferred. So I can hit Ctrl+1 for Ice Block all I want, it won’t help if I haven’t finished fixing up my keybindings :)

  5. Great story Brajana!

  6. Are you sure you weren’t subconsciously trying to take out your aggression toward me on some other poor space chicken? :p