Cat vs. Moth!

April 6th, 2009


For the last few months, my constant companion has been Ambrose, my pretty blue moth from Netherstorm.  I picked him up the day they became tamable and he’s been my companion in most of my Wrath raiding career.

I’m not one of those people who has something against cats.  Especially now that pets are much more equal and there is a lot more variety, you don’t see cats every where anymore.  I’ve always had a cat, leveling through old world, I had Echeyakee for a long while and I also had Broken Tooth when he was still OP.

I know that Moths don’t do the best DPS.  Raptors, Devilsaurs, Cats are all higher in DPS right now, from what I’ve heard.  But how much higher?  Is it enough that I should switch?

Today I went to Silvermoon to test out my cat and my moth to see how much a difference there was.  First, I’d like to point out that the patrolling NPCs in Silvermoon don’t like people in combat… they all would bug out and get stuck in place when they were walking by me… I managed to collect a whole group of them over my 10 min tests! :)


I didn’t do any real attacking myself (other than an initial auto-shot to get Recount going), both pets had identical talent specs and I had Call of the Wild turned off for both.  Their other special abilities were all on auto-cast… except Serenity Dust, since that stupid spell HAS to be manually cast every minute (a bit of a negative point in the Moth column already).

I set them on the Heroic Training Dummy for 10 minutes each.  Here are my results:



Well, as expected… kitty (Rajah) is coming out on top.  Nearly 20 DPS difference, in fact… here’s the breakdown, if you’re curious:



So what do I do?  Is 20 DPS enough?  Keep in mind, this is completely unbuffed and without Cobra Strikes and all that good stuff… maybe it would be an even bigger difference then?

I think I’ll bring Rajah along to the raids this week and see if I notice any difference.  It will certainly be nice to not having to manually cast Serenity Dust…

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6 comments to “Cat vs. Moth!”

  1. Manually cast?

    Macro that thing, girl!

    Negathle’s last blog post..Content cleared!

  2. It is macro’d. I have it in with my other 1 min cooldown abilities… unfortunately, it doesn’t get reset with Readiness, so whenever I use readiness it gets out of sync with all my other abilities! Then I have to watch it’s cooldown separately :(

  3. Yeah…I’ve found that I’m torn as well between my cat and my moth. Mostly if I take the moth, its because I love that Serenity Dust, and am willing to sacrifice some dps for slightly more survivability. Mostly I alternate between the two pretty regularly.
    Heck, I’d ditch them both if I was any good at raiding with my cunning specced wind serpent. There’s no raid survivability with a Cunning pet, not for me anyways.

    Davlin’s last blog post..Stay Tuned…

  4. For the next patch, wolves will pretty clearly out DPS most other pets. Their special buffs the hunters AP and stacks with every other buff.

  5. I’ve heard that about Wolves. But if I’m not willing to switch to a Devlisaur or even a Raptor right now, the likelihood of me switching to a wolf is very low.

    Pet vanity is a big part for me, I don’t want to raid with a pet I don’t find attractive or I find annoying (Devilsaur!)

  6. Your choice of Meowth makes me want to choose against cats.