4 Useful WWS Filters for 3 Drakes

April 6th, 2009

Disclaimer: This post was accurate as of patch 3.0.9.

WoW Web Stats has a handy feature that lets you filter through the events in the combat log.  I’ve used it for many things, such as checking out another player and making sure they’re using their cooldowns, but where it’s proved quite useful is for checking deaths/hits in Sarth +3 drakes.  I’ve got a couple useful ones I thought I’d share.

To use these filters, open up your WWS and go to “Browse Log File”.  Enter the following codes into the text box to filter through the results.  You can then still select each individual encounter/attempt from the drop down list.

  1. First is simple:  It just lists all player deaths.  The important thing to look for are deaths before the tank.  Deaths after a tank drops are usually “wipe it up” deaths, and those obviously have to happen.  Players dying before the tanks means something is going wrong, usually.
    event=unit_died and target.flag=player
  2. Next is fissures.  This lists all damage taken from each fissure by players.spell="void blast" and target.flag=player
  3. Flame Walls.  It’s true that some people can survive them, rogues can cloak out of it, healers can heal through it… but one of the most important parts of this fight is minimizing all damage to players who don’t have to be taking damage (i.e. everyone other than the tanks!)  This displays all hits to players from Flame Wall damage.spell="flame tsunami" and event=spell_damage and target.flag=player
  4. This one will check who has been hit by Lava Blazes and Whelps.  If there are a lot of names here that aren’t your tank, or it appears the same add is hitting one non-tank person for a long period of time, you may need to work on your add tanking.(source="lava blaze" or source="sartharion twilight whelp") and event=swing_damage and target.flag=player

These are all the really useful troubleshooting ones I have been able to think of.  With the help of Tigerfeet, we were able to turn this into a useful table listing how many times each player died to what and how many times they died before the tank.

If you’ve got any useful filters or you need help coming up with one, let me know!

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4 comments to “4 Useful WWS Filters for 3 Drakes”

  1. Having a noob moment here, but uh….what the heck is WWS?

    Psynister’s last blog post..Various Updates

  2. Yay! I shall bookmark this! Thank you :D

    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..Yes, The Wall And My Head Have Long Been Good Friends

  3. It’s WoW Web Stats, sorry Psynister. I had it in the title originally but cut it down. I’ll add a link in the post! :)

  4. This looks great – I’ve been manually clicking through the spells and lists in WWS so far. Thanks :)