Highlights from the Blogosphere (3/27 – 4/02)

April 3rd, 2009

WoW PvP Should Be More Like This @ Frost is the New Black
This was actually posted last week, but I didn’t get around to reading it til Friday!  Anyway… this is a great ‘new’ type of PvP… I would totally PvP if it worked this way.  And ShamWOW is a very clever Shaman name.

When to Heal the DPS @ Duct Tape and a Prayer
I love flowcharts.  This one is a simple one, but I wish more people would follow it!  Unfortunately it’ll take you a little longer than one GCD to read it. :)

An Item for BRK @ The Incredible Noobiewan
Noobiewan predicts/suggests a tribute item for BRK much like the one for Phaelia from Resto4Life.  The B.R.K. Hunter Guide trinket!  Complete with hit rating and increased pet damage!

O Game of Mine @ Diaries of a Marksman Hunter
I feel like this is coming directly from me – I completely share Nass’s opinion on the balance of life and game, and the fact that the game isn’t as much to blame as people think.  Great read!

highlightsHighlights from the Blogosphere is my weekly Friday post to share some of the interesting, funny or informative blog posts I’ve read over the past week.

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  1. Thank you! <3

    Nassira’s last blog post..O Game of Mine