(non-WoW) 10 Lessons I Learned (or Relearned) on My First Bike Ride of 2009.

April 2nd, 2009
  1. It is not a good idea to try to ride a bike with no air pressure in the tires.
  2. Tires will lose air pressure after sitting in a hallway unmoved for 6 months.
  3. Pumping tires to 65 psi is quite a workout in itself.
  4. Biking is extremely enjoyable and invigorating!
  5. Do not bike until you get tired.  You still have to turn around and go all the way back.
  6. The Experimental Farm is quite hilly and windy.
  7. The cows aren’t out in April! :(
  8. My bad hip joint does indeed still hurt when aggravated.
  9. My bike seat is much less kind on my tush than my desk chair, which has been its home for the last 6 months.
  10. I think I will enjoy my bike ride much less when I wake up tomorrow morning.
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4 comments to “(non-WoW) 10 Lessons I Learned (or Relearned) on My First Bike Ride of 2009.”

  1. Wearing the nerdy bike shorts (knicks, with padding built in) makes a huge difference, especially when you are ‘breaking in’ your tush again. I find after any sort of break – even as little as a month – I get fairly uncomfortable riding, but after a few weeks I’ll be fine even without the knicks for rides of sub-30 minutes.

    Congratulations on the outside world stuff though!

  2. Comments copied from original post:

    I spent 6 weeks in Ottawa last summer (2008), stayed at the Westin downtown and rented a bike (Giant OCR) from Rent-a-Bike (because Via wouldn’t allow me to bring mine from Toronto, how crazy is that?) right across the road on the canal. Biked up the canal to the first lock and back down the other side everyday and then toured through the city paths and over to Gatineau Park on the weekends. Some of the most enjoyable riding I’ve done. Never appreciated the city until I saw it by bicycle.

  3. Chapooke: I was a bit afraid to wear any kind of shorts because there’s still snow on the ground – don’t think it was warm enough :) Maybe I’ll have to get me a good pair of em though.

    Scarykavu: Yeah, I thought bikes were for 13 year olds til I moved here and saw all the nice bike paths and greenery! I love going for rides now, Ottawa really is a beautiful place!

  4. I also loved the fact that they close parts of the downtown roads on Sundays for biking, walking, rollerblading, whatever.