Hit Rating Question: What Should I Do?

April 2nd, 2009

So here’s where I ask for advice from my trustworthy hunter friends.

Once we finish Malygos tonight, and I replace my Fool’s Trial with Favour of the Dragon Queen, I’ll be sitting at 244 hit.  That’s 19 below the hit cap.

Now, I know that needs to be fixed.  244 is much too low.

I’ve got two options.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Grim Toll.  It dropped this week, but since I wasn’t planning to use it -immediately- I rolled offspec on it, and instead of replacing my SoRDB, it went to replace MoT on a hunter who already had FotFF.  It’s my own fault, I suppose… I need to be more greedy and roll need on stuff even if I might not use it right away.

Anyway, like I was saying… 2 options – neither of which is Grim Toll.

I have a +16 Hit gem sitting in my bag.  I’ve got a +16 Crit gem hanging out on my chest piece.  I could easily replace it, but I’d still be 3 below hit cap.

My other option is to replace Crusher with Precision on my gloves.  That’ll put me exactly 1 above the cap – but it’ll cost me a boatload of AP.

According to the spreadsheet, my best option is to replace Crusher.  What do you think?

I know there has been discussion of hit rating on the PTR and how it affects pets… should I take this into account?

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19 comments to “Hit Rating Question: What Should I Do?”

  1. I can’t give you any real advice on the gear and all — I have Black Ice and a couple of tier pieces that put me embarrassingly over the cap.

    However the PTR talk of pets is just that Focused Aim, the Marks talent that gives an extra 1/2/3% to hit, is apparently inherited by pets now. So while on live, I’m hitcapped with 3/3 FA but my pet isn’t, when 3.1 goes live, my pet WILL be hit capped because he’ll get that extra 3%.

    So, short version is, unless you’re going to be throwing points into that, it doesn’t affect you.

    Jezriyah’s last blog post..*hits trinket* *is promptly memesheeped again*

  2. I have a helluva time staying over the hit cap on my hunter (BM specc’d) – conversely, I can do it nearly with my eyes closed on Grim (the DK). Lots of plate (even the +defense stuff) seems to have hit – yet the mail stuff seems to be missing it by and large.

    And Jezriyah, you totally made my day with that bit about Focused Aim. Mal (the hunter) is having to use that at the moment, and I know damn well it’s gimping my already pitiful DPS.

    That said – can you afford to toss a point into Focused Aim?

    Grimtorn’s last blog post..The State of the Cow Address

  3. Jez: I thought there was also something about hit being contributed to pets no longer rounding down? Like if I have 7.95% crit, my pet will get that, instead of 7%. But I don’t follow PTR news very much, so I could be wrong!

    My spec for 3.1 is up in the air right now – I don’t even know if I’ll be going BM or MM, to be honest. So I can’t guarantee if I’ll have points available… but I am sure I could make some sacrifices for it.

  4. 3 points below the hit cap is close enough. So I’d suggest you trade that crit for hit. Remember also, it’s only on bosses that you’ll need that high hit rating. If you’re just out grinding, or when doing trash, you don’t need as high rating.

    Nordhbane’s last blog post..Tanking Naxx – Spider Wing done

  5. With 3 points in Focused Aim, 244 would be plenty.

  6. I recommend eating Hit food until you can replace it properly.

    Nassira’s last blog post..O Game of Mine

  7. Keep in mind that below the hit cap (at your level) means you will only miss level 83 bosses (Heroic Instance bosses).

    In our raid last night, we wiped on Thaddius with 22 people, and Thad at 115K health. That’s something like 99.99% dead: Two more hits by a hunter who may not have been hit capped and missed twice could have meant the difference between dead Thad and dead raid.

    So for heroic bosses, “close enough” isn’t. :) I like Nassira’s solution: Hit food, but only for bosses. You’ll never miss anything else.

    Kestrel’s last blog post..Gettin’ My Ku On

  8. The thing with +hit food is sure, I’ll get 40 hit… I’ll be losing 80 AP by not eating my AP food. If I re-enchant my bracers, I’ll gain 20 hit (which will cap me) and I’m only losing 44 AP. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

  9. There is that. And someone could do the math and figure out whether you get more damage by hitting 100% with 80 AP less in one fight, or whether you’d do better hitting 100% of the time in every fight, but losing 44AP on Every Shot.

    The key is, you’re ONLY going to miss on boss fights. Is that worth losing 44AP on every single shot in every single fight?

    Kestrel’s last blog post..Gettin’ My Ku On

  10. Boss fights are what matter to me. I spend a good portion of trash distracted by the loot council anyway, and I’m sure that causes me to lose a lot more DPS than a 44 AP difference does. Trash is generally NOT a DPS race, so as long as we have the control, we can get it down. Heck, I usually don’t use my flasks/elixirs until we reach a boss.

  11. LOL…neither do I, and I use 2-hour Flasks of the Frost Wyrm exclusively. :p

    Okay, so now with that added info, I agree: Get the hit cap. If there’s nothing else BRK taught me, he taught me that it is unforgivable for a hunter to miss on a boss.

    Kestrel’s last blog post..Gettin’ My Ku On

  12. Hit food is a last resort – your most important stat should be your most inherent. If you have the gold, get the glove enchant, then change it back later when the gear comes back around.

    Negathle’s last blog post..Talk about a nice welcome back present!

  13. One hit rating is itemized about 2 AP. As long as you keep that ratio, you’re golden. If you lose more than 2 AP for 1 hit, it might not be worth it. This math goes out the window when you’re talking about going over hit cap, of course. Raid food will cost you more in the long run as you need one for every wipe and it only lasts an hour if you don’t wipe.

    Lastly, after your meta gem requirement is fulfilled and unless you have some really nice socket bonuses, you probably want to gem pure AP into all color slots that aren’t being used for hit :)

  14. I’ve had many back-and-forths with hit rating. I replaced good enchants and good gems weekly. I finally went for Grim Toll and was able to replace a whole bunch of +hit gems.

    Being 1 over the hit cap sounds great. Redo the enchant and go for it. Or… get the grim toll and regem.

    Hmmm. Your armory page shows you over 8% already.

    Kheldul’s last blog post..Tranq Shot Macro

  15. Why in the blue ethereal earth would someone replace Mirror of Truth with Grim Toll? Grim Toll is terrible unless you need the hit. Ick.

    There is the alternative of using Hit Rating food in raids, and since you only need like 19, you can get away with el-cheapo food.

    Rilgon Arcsinh’s last blog post..Someone shed some light on this for me.

  16. Replace your Attack power enchant with a Titansteel weapon chain or whatever its called. It gives something like +28 hit.
    Of course you lose the attack power. That choice is up to you.

    Davlin’s last blog post..Culling of Time Achievement!

  17. Rilgon, most people agree that the grim toll is considerably more dps than the mirror of truth. And eating hit food means you can’t be eating 80AP or 40 AGI food.

  18. In my opinion, Grim Toll is very situational. It’s really great if you need the hit, otherwise I’d go with Mirror of Truth.

    I decided to just regem my chest and replace my 16 crit with 16 hit, putting me at 260 hit. I know, I know, it’s below the cap… but I don’t have to sacrifice a huge amount of 44 or 80 AP for it.

  19. I currently use Grim Toll and Mirror of Truth. So, I didn’t even consider it a choice between the two. That will of course change if I get the Fury or Nobles trinkets.

    And of course last night I got the Leggings of Failed Escape with 28 more hit… so I personally have a whole bunch of hit to reduce and re-arrange.

    Kheldul’s last blog post..Maximum Camera Distance in Wow