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WoW Word of the Week: vacuous

Sunday, March 29th, 2009


\VAK-yoo-uhs\, adjective

1. showing no intelligence or thought
2. having no meaning or direction; empty

Example: The reason I avoid PUGs is because often both the members and the group as a whole can be quite vacuous.

wwotwWoW Word of the Week is my weekly Sunday post to encourage the expansion of the average WoW player’s vocabulary beyond “noob”, “pwnd” and “FAIL”. The WWOTW will be used in every other post this week, and I urge you to use it as well!


This Week in Raiding… An Old Challenge Made New

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

This week was a strange week for Unemployed.  Some of our raid members decided to take much needed breaks, and this is a good time for it.  We worked our butts off on Sarth last week, and we all need to take some time to work on our strategies and practice our skills.

So we went to 10-mans, both for achievements and to observe and pinpoint any problems we might be having.

Since I’m 100% perfect, I felt like I didn’t need to go.  ;)   Just kidding.  I’m working 10 hour days at work right now, and I was hoping to sit out if possible because I need time to take care of myself.  So I got to take a bit of a break on Tuesday.  However, there was a family issue with someone and I promptly hopped in to take his place!

We worked on 10-man Naxx.  It was good to be part of a 10-man.  You feel like your actions matter more, and my DPS doesn’t get pushed down to 9th place because of all the Warlocks and Shadow Priests!

We had a second group working on Sarth+3 (10-man).  I do not envy that group… I can just imagine how stressful it got.  That fight is CRAZY and I think I’d be scared to even give it a try!

We bumped back up to 25-mans for Wednesday night, trying to work on Dedicated Few and the other sub-21 people achievements.  We started with Sarth.  With 18 people.  Only 2 healers.

HUGE props to the healers!  We got Sarth down in one shot, they did an excellent job keeping us all alive.

I was going to go into how I lost a roll for a piece of loot I felt would have been very appropriate for me, but I don’t want to whine about it.  I just wish we could settle on a system for doing loot council finally.

So we only managed to take down 2 of the bosses in the Construct quarter due to needing to bring in some extra heals, lots of DC’s and shuffling people around.  It’s amazing how long the fights get when you’re down to 18 people!

Thaddius gave us some trouble.  We tried working on Shocking since we had less people to cross polarizations, but that just wasn’t quite happening.  In hindsight, we probably should have just focussed on high DPS rather than avoiding damage since your numbers were so low.  But it was good practice either way.

And it was amazing to see how much better we did with only 18 people than our first few weeks with 25.  We’ve all really grown and improved!

Thursday night was more Naxx sub-21.  We kept a full group of 19 and cleared through all of Spider as well as killing Razuvious.

We had a few more tries at Thaddius, but the DPS just wasn’t enough to get him down before the enrage.  We also tried Gothikk, but we didn’t properly distribute the groups and we also pulled a Shade from the next room or something… I dunno, I was kinda sleeping. :)

But if you’ve got a group and you’re tired of just breezing through Naxx, go ahead and give it a try with less than 20 people.  It’s a real challenge and it will remind you of your first days clearing through!

treasure_chest1This Week in Raiding… is my weekly Saturday post where I allow myself to brag about new gear, bosses, achievements, and such.

Come back next week for another dose of epeen and QQ!


Highlights from the Blogosphere (3/20-3/26)

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Mage Guide to Ignite @ Spicytuna
As a slightly newbish Fire Mage, all I really knew about Ignite before reading this was “moar crits = big damage”.  Tuna explains clearly how the actual mechanic works, and what “Ignite Munching” is.

Tier set bonuses @ Untokk feat. Nordhbane
Nordhbane does a nice little review of the past, present and future Hunter set bonuses, comparing their use and effectiveness.

Hunter A-Z @ steady shot
There’s something Hunter related for every letter of the alphabet! (except Y, apparently…)

Scourge Chat Log @ WoW Official Forums
Okay, okay… it’s not from a blog.  But there have been blog posts about it!  AND I heard about it from the Blog Azeroth chat!  AND IT’S HILARIOUS!  So read it.

Twitter Musings @ Pixelated Executioner
“Your momma’s so fat, when she joins a party, it becomes a raid group!”

highlightsHighlights from the Blogosphere is my weekly Friday post to share some of the interesting, funny or informative blog posts I’ve read over the past week.

You can check out all the blogs I read on my list of Other Peoples’ Blogs!


Just another meme, move along, nothing to see here…

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

This post isn’t really WoW related, it’s about me (the person, not the player) If you’re not interested in these, feel free to jump back a few posts to where I have real World of Warcraft related content.  This is PURELY to satisfy the needs of my undying fans! ;)

Looks like Nassira and I tagged each other this morning, so I am obliged to respond to her questions.

BTW, anyone who knows me personally knows how much I would blush at some of these questions, so I have cleaned it up to be more Brajana-style (a.k.a. G-rated)!

About You –

Real Name: Sara
Age: 21
Country of Origin: Canada
Fettish Favorite Stuffed Animal: I have a cow-print butterfly that I used to sleep with, I named it Udderfly!  Aren’t I clever?

Random Things –

Guilty Pleasure Music (something you’d never listen to in public):
My “2BA Master” Pokemon Soundtrack :)   It’s inspirational!  I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!

Worst Fashion Decision (I don’t care how old you were):
When I was about 11 I let my mom cut my hair from being all the way down my back to being above my shoulders.  I looked extremely ridiculous for a long time.  I try to hide every picture from that age that I find!

Proudest Moment:
Receiving a Computer Science award for excellence in my first year.  I still don’t know which professor nominated me, but it was quite exciting!

Best Misheard Words:
I am the queen of mishearing things.  However I’m also the Empress of Forgetfulness.  So instead, best mistell I overheard in guild chat:
“Yay, sister didn’t find my porn.”  :)

Questions for You –

Do you sing in the shower?
Not out loud!
*hums in head… To catch them is my real test… to train them is my cause!*

How much frosting do you like on your cupcakes?
It would be more appropriate to ask how much cupcake I like my frosting on.  :)

When was the last time you made love hugged someone? (Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter, OOOOH SHIT Clarence Carter!) (Pokemon! It’s you and me, I know it’s my destiny!)
Why, I just /hugged Faulsey in my last post! /hugs Faulsey again.

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever found hidden in or under your couch?
A coin from the 1920s or something.  My parents house is really old.

What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever put in your mouth? (be nice)
A tomato.  Yuck!

Free-for-All, Share 4 Things You Want to Share –

1. Raw tomatoes are GROSS.  Even chunks of cooked tomato are gross.  YUCK.

2. There should never have been more than 151 Pokemon.

3. Seriously, the new Pokemon are lame.  There’s like 500 of ‘em or something stupid.  How are you gonna fit all those in a Pokerap?

4. Gotta catch ‘em all!

OK.  So now that is done… I TAG NASSIRA!!  You can’t tag other without filling it out yourself!  THAT’S UNFAIR!  I am only tagging her.  Ha!


I’d like to thank my mother, my agent, my guild leader…

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

/hug Faulsey

Faulsey‘s helped with my blogger’s block by providing me with another little thingy to write about.  He’s given me this wonderful award!


“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

But the award comes with a few stipulations.

  1. When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real.
  2. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  3. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

Let me start with the 10 honest things about me.

  • I’m a morning person.
  • I have the greatest 2 cats in the world!  Casper and Zelda (I believe I wrote a post about them (with pictures!) before) are the best cats that have ever lived.
  • I believe raw tomatoes are the most disgusting food evar.
  • I didn’t do the first 51 levels on my priest! *gasp* I stole him when my brother quit playing the game!
  • I’m working on a secretive project that you may hear about next week!
  • I’ve taken up papercrafting as a hobby recently.
  • I wish my boyfriend cared enough to read my blog! (I can say this because I know he’s not reading).
  • Someone else’s phone calls get rerouted through my phone at work and I’ve chosen not to have it fixed because it makes me feel like a spy.
  • My trip to Las Vegas in January was my first time taking an airplane, and also my first time spending more than a couple hours in the USA.
  • I hate the word ‘meme’, but I use it anyway.  Just like I always hated the term ‘toon’ for character.

ALRIGHT!  Well, that wasn’t so bad.  MOVING ON!

Since so many people are quicker than me, many of my favourite blogs/bloggers have already been given the award!  But I don’t think anyone would turn down a second Oscar, so I’ll give them out anyway.  I don’t care if they care to pass the award on… as long as they know they’re appreciated!

  • Holy Dueg! I know he’s been given the award already… but I must say I love reading his posts!  They’re always very entertaining.
  • Through The Eyes of Death (Arrens)  I just love the look of his blog, it’s so simple and nice to look at.  Plus it’s Arrens <3!
  • Too Many Annas for her amazing creativity.  I am so jealous with the RP ideas she comes up with!  They always inspires me!
  • Holy Discipline (Anea) I love her header image, it’s so cute! :)
  • Diaries of a Marksman Hunter (Nassirra) for being my #1 resource and inspiration learning to try a new spec!
  • Pink Pigtail Inn (Lasira) always has very throught-provoking posts.  When I’ve got the time, I love going through and having a good read.
  • Stabilized Effort Scope (Rilgon) I don’t always agree with Rilgon.  But he is quite good at getting to the point and making short, concise points.  One of the first blogs I started reading, in fact!