Conclusion of the Account Ordeal

March 31st, 2009

I think I’ve got everything sorted out.

I’ve paid to transfer Brajana to my new account.  Didn’t realize I’d be losing my guild affiliations even though I wasn’t transferring servers… it was a bit interesting when I had to ask another officer in Unemployed for a ginvite.

[W To] Barlo: Hey Barlo, could I get a ginvite?
[W From] Barlo: Sure, for who?
[W To] Barlo: me.
[W From] Barlo: huh?

Unfortunately, although I have 3 other characters I consider favourites, I felt I could only afford to bring over one more.  I already spent $100 on the game, I can’t afford another $100 on transfers.

I chose Alouette.  Sure, a mage is easier to relevel than a Priest, but I feel a much bigger connection to Alouette than Ferguson, to be honest.  I’ve been playing her more recently, and I also cheated on Ferguson.  He used to be my brother’s character, so I only actually leveled him from 52 – 71, rather than all the way from the beginning.

So I spent last night preparing my account, “making it as comfortable as possible” before the inevitable end.

I took many dramatic screenshots of me typing “DELETE” into the box overlaid on my naked level 71 priest… but I forgot them at home.  So just picture it in your mind.



In fact, Hydraxis is now completely empty on my old account… it’s a strange sight to see!  I created a new bank alt and decked him out with 16 slot Netherweave Bags (because everything else is too expensive).  I sent him my stockpile of Outlands herbs and even passed him the lucky monocle that my old bank alt was donning.

The boyfriend and I are releveling Ferguson with a druid and using the RAF bonus.  Now, Ferguson is a level 8 priest.  Identical in all ways, except level and professions.

But what about Ghugh?  My unexpectedly beloved Dwarf?  Well, like I said, I can’t afford to transfer all of my characters… but being the great guy he is, Gadgets has offered to pay for me to transfer him across, because he knows how much I love him.  Only problem is, since I just transferred him to Dark Iron I will have to pay an extra month of subscriptions before I can transfer again.  More money!  But since I am technically getting a free month on the new account, it’s not so bad.

So I’ve spent an extra $160 to get my account in my own name.

Was it worth it?

I think so.  I didn’t necessarily have to do the transferring, since both accounts took on the same properties when I merged them… but it feels better to me anyway, to have them all on an account I created.

It could have been vacuous, maybe I never needed to do any of it in the first place.  Maybe I’d never get in trouble for playing on an account that wasn’t technically mine.  But now I don’t have to worry any more, I don’t have to feel guilty!  And that itself is worth it.

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6 comments to “Conclusion of the Account Ordeal”

  1. Wow! what an ordeal! Glad you have it all situated. Its gotta feel good. :)

  2. I was very confused since I knew you were online. I was looking for my alt to get invited and I looked and you weren’t in the guild list. It never said that you had left or anything, you just weren’t there anymore.

    It was a frightening time for me.

    Maerdred’s last blog post..A look in the mirror

  3. /hug Maerdred

    Don’t worry, I won’t leave you!

  4. I had a WTF? moment too when I saw barlo invite you, then promote you up and I thought “Oh! She’s done it! She’s re-rolled Brajana”

    /who Brajana
    “lvl 80 Hunter ”


    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..An Actual Project? Hold Onto Your Fur!

  5. hehe. I actually thought about holding off on the transfer til Wednesday and gquitting all my alts and my main (since I had to do it anyway) since it’d be kinda fun to do on April Fool’s, but I didn’t want to be mean! No one even commented when I kicked all my alts at once, in fact :(

  6. I think with all the cleanup of inactive alts lately nobody bats an eyelash when “Whoever has been kicked from the guild” anymore.