And you thought 3.0.8 was the biggest hit to BM Hunters!

March 30th, 2009

Well, you’re wrong!

The biggest thing to hurt the BM hunter community just happened – Daniel Howell (BigRedKitty) has decided to remove himself from the blogging and the playing and all that to focus on what really matters – family.  There really is no better reason to move on, and it’s great to see a father wanted to take a more active role in his child’s life.

BRK was one of the first blogs I ever read, helped me learn how to play my hunter and I’ve always advocated his site as a great resource for those who want to learn to be a better overall hunter!

I will continue to recommend it, as long as it’s alive, because it’s still quite a rich resource.

I believe the rest of the hunter community would join me in thanking him for all the work and time he’s put in trying to teach us and keep us entertained.

That isn’t to say that the hunter community will now be a vacuous hole of emptiness – there are many great hunter resources out there now.  And so many of them were inspired by BRK himself that his work will continue to grow even in his absence.

And I hope he has a great time helping raise his son and growing with his family.

Best of luck, BRK!

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2 comments to “And you thought 3.0.8 was the biggest hit to BM Hunters!”

  1. I think BRK was my first blog as well. He will certainly be missed.

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