I’ve been Called by the Master!

March 26th, 2009

So apparently I’m acquiring a backlog of memes, thanks to my dear Fausley at Master’s Call!

Better get them over with and pass them along. :)

What’s in a Name?

I believe the plan here is to explain the origin and meaning behind my characters names.  I kind of covered this in the previous post (7 Questions) as well as in my Cheesecake post… but there’s always more detail I can cover… repetition FTW!  I’ll go through all four of my currently active characters, from both an in-character and out-of-character perspective if applicable.  Heck, I’ll even provide a pronunciation guide!

Brajana [Brah-jah-nuh] (the j is like Rajah not Jalepeno or Adjacent)

(IC) This name was handed down from Brajana’s grandmother on her father’s side, as is tradition with the Darkspear Trolls.  It means ‘woman of the rain’, which is fitting for her striking blue hair and skin.

(OOC) Honestly, I don’t remember.  It was like… 3 years ago!  I believe it was some combination of messing with the random name generator and making something that sounded nice.  I also wanted to make sure people could shorten it without much trouble (Braj).

Ferguson [Fer-guh-sun]

(IC) Named for his father, who was lost in the war.

(OOC) I wanted a human-ish name that could be used as both a first and last name.  I had one picked out, and it was pretty perfect too… but it was taken and it’s since been expelled from my memory.  I got the name by looking over the last names of authors on my bookshelf – Ian & Ferguson were the exact source.

Alouette [Aloo-et]

(IC) Named so for her playful and trickster-like nature.  Even from a young age, it was clear that this would be a strong part of her personality.

(OOC) Her name was originally Pixxel, which was Pixel from the RNG with an extra x since the other was taken. Then her name was Brajana, for a few short levels when I transferred to Dark Iron.  Then I felt I needed her to develop her own personality, and so I started trying to think of a name.  One day I had the Canadian folk song “Alouette” in my head and I decided to just go with that, hoping it’d get it out of my head.  Of course it did the opposite, and now everytime I log into my Mage I get it once again stuck in my head!

“Alouette” means skylark in French.  skylark is named so for it’s tricksy, playful, frolicky nature.  I think it’s quite appropriate!

Ghugh [Guhh]

(IC/OOC)  Yeah, no.  Don’t ask.  I don’t know where it comes from, it just sounded good at the time for a paladin I never planned on playing past level 12.  But it’s grown on me!

Yes, it’s just pronounced like it looks.  Yes, I put 2 h’s in the pronunciation key, because just 1 didn’t do it justice.

Someone asked me the language of origin once, I said English.  They asked me if I could use it in a sentence.

“Ghugh!  I was just killed by that ret pally again!”

So, who to tag? Tagging is such a froward task for me… I have a nasty habit of tagging those who have already been tagged or already done the meme… so if you have an I somehow missed it… sorry!

Well, I’m gonna tag my GM Pilsner at From Cow to Chicken, just because I kind of already know where her name came from. :)   Also Cait from One Among Many… I’m sure she’s got some interesting stories for all those characters.  And also Neg/Neggles/Negathle at The Angry Butterfly!

I have a habit of tagging people who have already been tagged or done the meme… so if you have and I somehow missed it, sorry!

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