Unemployed Event: Tier 5 Champions!

March 23rd, 2009

Last night, about 13 members of Unemployed set out to conquer the two bosses which barely eluded us in our BC raiding days… Kael’thas and Lady Vashj!  We also took out Lurker for good measure.


We weren’t sure we’d be able to manage, because when I formed the group, we had a whole 1 tank and 2 healers.  But our ret paladin offered to respec protection and we found a 3rd healer.

Most of us had never taken Vashj down, and those who did hadn’t done it in quite some time, so our explanation of the fight was still a bit fuzzy.  We forgot to assign someone to kite the Striders so there were fears going off everywhere.  I had also forgotten to set it to Free-for-All before hand so people could loot the Cores.  But we survived and off we went to TK: The Eye.

Here we skipped straight to Kael’thas.  This was a messy fight, and we lost several people.  We couldn’t be bothered to look up what each of the advisors did so we just tanked ‘em.  When Kael went crazy at the end and we started floating in the air, we lost even more people.  But we got him down and…

[Ashes of A'lar]!

So, according to my Kael’thas record… the drop rate on that baby is 100%.  We all rolled on it, and of course my rolling luck landed me with a nice 2.

But congrats to Anduena, our warlock!  It’s her birthday on Tuesday, so I’m glad she could get a pretty sweet birthday present from the guild!

After TK, we still had some time so we ventured into Black Temple.  This place isn’t cake even at 80, in fact even the trash was a bit froward.  We didn’t have time to make it all the way to Illidan… but we’re coming for him next time!

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3 comments to “Unemployed Event: Tier 5 Champions!”

  1. Now, That’s not exactly how it went down, and I feel in the interests of full disclosure, you need to tell the people what exactly it was that you claimed to have forgotten last night when reminded that I was already in the raid…

    I believe that it went something like “I forgot Maer was a healer” I’m pretty sure that’s what you typed. So, no. you didn’t find another healer, you remembered another healer, who you had forgotten all about…

    But… We had a great time and I can’t wait for more of this silly stuff in the future!

    Maerdred’s last blog post..‘lo Bob

  2. Hehe. Well, when I said we started with 2 healers, it was you and Ael, then the third was actually Ardena. :P I admit somehow I did forget you were in the raid at the beginning (even though you were the first person I invited!)

    You’re still the new guy, so… shush! :)

  3. Wow, what luck! I would LOVE to have that mount – glad she got it as an early birthday present.

    Anea’s last blog post..PuG Basics: Hannelore-Style