Neutral Auction Houses in Dalaran?

March 20th, 2009

This post began as a comment in response to Gnomeaggedon’s post about Neutral Auction Houses, but I have a habit of getting wordy and didn’t want to flood his comments :)   So I decided to write my own quick post on the topic!

Basically, Gnome proposed putting Neutral Auction Houses in Dalaran and Shattrath.  I’d never really heard this idea before, I’d only heard of people asking for regular AHs in these cities.  And I can certainly see his points, the neutral auction houses have barely a scintilla of activity now, and this would give them a nice boost.  Plus then of course you wouldn’t have to go back to the old world any more.

I know the first time I was in Shattrath and looked for an Auction House, I was pretty annoyed when the guard simply pointed me at the portals to the old world.  But when I consider the following issues, I’m actually kind of glad there aren’t any in the sanctuary cities.

Firstly, Dalaran is already populated enough, and the major cities themselves are still always quite busy – imagine throwing all of those people in Dal too?  Yikes.  Lag mitigation is huge by having people spilt over old world and Northrend servers, and I’m sure no one would be happy if it took them even longer to load Dalaran than it does now.

Secondly, there would be flooding in the market.  If they put a neutral AH in Dal, let’s face it, no one would use the faction based ones.  Even if the AH cut was higher, I think the laziness of people outweighs it, and they would just up their prices to help make up for the cut.  Even though the number of customers to the AH would double, there would be at least double the goods being sold causing more competition and causing major economic issues.

If everyone is just going to be hanging out in the same city and using the same AH… why not remove faction restrictions all together?  Once you hit level 80, there would be no difference between Alliance and Horde, they’d be one happy family sharing a home, bank and AH! :P

Lastly, (and I think they mentioned this in The Instance), can you imagine leveling a character from 1-70 and almost never having contact with anyone?  Might as well play a solo RPG.  You’d also never be able to buy anything on the AH, since it’d turn into what the neutral AH is now – overpriced and understocked.

Luckily, they are cutting the hearthstone cooldown to a mere 30 minutes, so it will be even less of a big deal!

I’d rather hang out in IF or Org than Dal anyway ;)

So those are my thoughts on the topic – thanks to Gnome for giving me something to write about!

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11 comments to “Neutral Auction Houses in Dalaran?”

  1. There are lots of savages now that aren’t afraid to compete with their own people by slashing prices by 50% or greater. Imagine how bad it would be if you brought everyone together in one place. Lag issues aside, a neutral AH in Dalaran would seriously kill one of my major interests in the game which is making gold through selling stuff.

    Nance’s last blog post..Daily Quest Guide: Blue Sky Logging Grounds

  2. Plus, the Neutral AHs are only in Goblin controlled cities. It’s a minor part of the lore being that the Goblins are cutthroat, greedy bastards. Since neither Shattrath nor Dalaran are Goblin controlled, it wouldn’t make sense to do it from that perspective.

    And I completely agree, if there were AHs in either of those cities, I’d never have reason to go to Org or UC again.

    Arrens’s last blog post..We Were Warlocks Once…And Dumb

  3. @Nance: Yeah, I don’t know much about economy, but I know this wouldn’t be good for it.

    @Arrens: That’s another good point – leave it to Arrens to point out the lore-based reasons! :)

  4. I’ll second all of that.

    Though I did level a character from 1-80 almost entirely solo, that’s just the way I like to roll. I don’t have much contact with others in the way of leveling my characters, but I am in a guild that can come help me with group quests at any time and we do have vent which helps to keep the game from being like a simple console game.

    Psynister’s last blog post..Content Incoming

  5. Can you imagine the chaos that would result if Aluren had control of a Neutral AH in Dal? *shudder* no one character should have that much power.

    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..Progressing Backwards – Teaching Your Raiders How to Learn

  6. Yikes… I don’t even want to think about that!

  7. Thunder bluff is where it’s at. Everything is so close together.

    The only reason I don’t go there is ’cause I can’t find an engineer anywhere. So, I go to Silvermoon all the time. Second best built city that looks better than undercity.

    Klinderas’s last blog post..That Which We Call A Klinderas…

  8. [...] but you’d bring the auction house back to the people, at a slightly higher cost.I like it, and so does Mend Pet, though he sees a few issues: even with the higher cost, you might still get people forgetting [...]

  9. hey, you got referenced on WoW Insider for this post, gratz!


  10. [...] you’d bring the auction house back to the people, at a slightly higher cost. I like it, and so does Mend Pet, though she sees a few issues: even with the higher cost, you might still get people forgetting [...]

  11. Y do the guards tell you to go to the middle of a square on horde side here when there isn’t one? is that a glitch? No more Goblin city AH’s either.