First Impressions: Raiding as MM

March 18th, 2009

Last night I headed into Naxx donning my shiny new 13/53/7 spec.

I’d only tested it out briefly, a few minutes with the Target Dummy in Silvermoon (no one else ever uses the ones in Silvermoon!) and then a short romp through Heroic Violet Hold this weekend.

My overall impression from the raid?  MM is fun, but sometimes watching all the cooldowns feels like it’s just busywork.  But I think I’ve found my temporary happy medium between the horrible DPS of Beast Mastery and the unbearable clunkiness of Survival, so I’ll probably stick it out at least until 3.1 hits.

When the raid started, I was… a bit lost.  I am still new to this, and I’ve had to move my buttons around.  “Where’s Volley?!” I found myself panicking.  I couldn’t remember what the icon even looked like, I just knew it was always ’6′.  Well, now it’s ‘Alt-2′ apparently.

The first thing I noticed was my Volleys were critting SO much.  I check my character sheet… I’m up to nearly 47% crit while raid buffed… holy crap!  I’m sitting at 36% unbuffed, which is a lot more than my 30% in BM.  Crits are shiny.

The second thing I noticed was on our first boss fight – we started with Military, and we were fighting Instructor Razuvious.  About 30 seconds into the fight, I glance at my mana bar.  I’d used only a scintilla of mana, sitting at 92%!  CRAP!  I forgot to take Viper off again! I thought to myself.  But I check and double check, and I’m most definitely rocking the Dragonhawk.

Even with just 2 points in Efficiency and 1 point in Rapid Recuperation, I don’t think I dropped below 50% mana on any fight.


Things I’ve learned:  I need to bind Readiness to a key somewhere.  I have all my cooldowns bound to mouse buttons, except for that one.  I wonder if I can find another button on my mouse that I’m not using…

I also need to pay more attention to when I need to use Aimed and when to use Multi.  I try to switch between them depending on how many mobs I’m fighting, but sometimes I just hit one without paying attention.

I’m glad I’ve decided to try this spec out, though!  And I was happy to see myself hit 3rd on DPS for one of the boss fights :) It’s no 1st place ZOMG OP BM, but it’ll do!

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10 comments to “First Impressions: Raiding as MM”

  1. I’m glad you like it! But um…how on earth were you using less mana as MM than as Surv?? This is confusing me. MM is very mana-intensive.

    Nassira’s last blog post..Ur Mom

  2. You weren’t having any mana issues as a MM? Were you in Naxx 10 or 25?

  3. No no, I was using less mana as MM than I was as BM :) I had zero points in Efficiency or anything like that as BM, and I even had Multi-shot as part of my shot rotation. I had to use Viper almost every boss fight. I only raided as Survival for 1 or 2 nights, and I don’t remember what my mana consumption was like.

  4. Korixys: I was in Naxx 25. I was having no mana issues at all – not really sure why! I know that MM is usually considered very mana-intensive, but I certainly was happy with it.

  5. Yeah, when I am in 25, I never have issues with mana at all whether I’m MM or SV (I switch back and forth quite a bit). You will notice a huge difference in mana when you run heroics and 10 mans as a MM. I like MM’s rotation and its definitely the most enjoyable to play IMO, but I love SV because I’m not worrying about running out of mana.

  6. Ah, I thought you were in a 10-man. That explains it. lol Though compared to SV, MM is a black hole for mana. When I was SV, it’s like I didn’t even need a mana bar.

    Nassira’s last blog post..Ur Mom

  7. Yeah, for some reason as BM I have serious mana issues even in 25s. I don’t do 10 mans and rarely heroics, which is why I took few mana talents in the first place, because everyone tells me mana shouldn’t be an issue in 25s.

  8. If you’re having issues with your keybinds and the like, I’ll go ahead and do a little self-promotion and give you my post about my keybinds and the like:

    Rilgon Arcsinh’s last blog post..Caption Me!

  9. really helpful post, hope you keep posting more articles like this.thank you very much for the post

  10. [...] was, as usual, “clear most of Naxx” night.  I was really excited to get in there and test out my new Marksman build… at least that would give me a reason to want to be there!  I’d also been giving one [...]