WoW Word of the Week: scintilla

March 15th, 2009


\sin-TIL-uh\, noun

A tiny or scarcely detectable amount; the slightest particle; a trace; a spark.

Example: I haven’t a scintilla of doubt that we’ll get Sarth and his 3 drakes down this week!

wwotwWoW Word of the Week is my weekly Sunday post to encourage the expansion of the average WoW player’s vocabulary beyond “noob”, “pwnd” and “FAIL”. The WWOTW will be used in every other post this week, and I urge you to use it as well!

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3 comments to “WoW Word of the Week: scintilla”

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  2. [...] Razuvious.  About 30 seconds into the fight, I glance at my mana bar.  I’d used only a scintilla of mana, sitting at 92%!  CRAP!  I forgot to take Viper off again! I thought to myself.  But I [...]

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