Fishing Changes in 3.1

March 12th, 2009

In case you haven’t yet heard, they’re buffing up Fishing, and even a little bit of Cooking as well with Patch 3.1.

  • bobberNEW FISHING BOBBERS!! OMG, these are SOOOO cute!!  We’re uncertain how they’re obtained right now but… I MUST HAVE THE MURLOC!!!
  • Dalaran Fishing Dailies!  It’s about time.  You can check out the guide to the dailies on El’s Extreme Anglin’.  Some of them sound pretty interesting!
  • New Rewards!  With daily quests come rewards, of course.  Some of the rewards found so far include a new non-combat pet, a couple of new fishing poles, and the hat that was available from the Shattrath dailies.
  • Fishing in Lake Wintergrasp!  Woohoo, now I can choose to get ganked while fishing!  But seriously, Wintergrasp Fishing seems to be full of valuable fish, including all the fish for creating a Fish Feast.
  • Borean Man O’War recipe!  This fish is no longer useless.  Plus, another recipe towards [Chef de Cuisine]!
  • Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole is now a reward from the Artisan Fishing quest – now the Alliance can have one as well.

Of course most of this is coming directly from the great fishing resource at El’s Extreme Anglin’.  Check it out for more updates and info!

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2 comments to “Fishing Changes in 3.1”

  1. I am VERY excited for all the fishing changes (especially fishing dailies omgthankyoublizz)

    But I’m turned off by the bobbers. Cuteness, yes. But too cute, almost. Especially the tugboat one – we don’t have anything like that in the game, yet there is a toy modeled after a boat that doesn’t exist? :/

    Anea’s last blog post..Points

  2. I want the kitty one :3

    Tigerfeet’s last blog post../slobber