A Highly Productive Weekend!

March 9th, 2009

Instead of talking about the upcoming patch 3.1, I have decided to outline the weekend I had because I know that you all care much more about my alts than some silly patch!

I was hoping to level my priest a bit, but when I logged in and jumped in the LFG for The Nexus and Utgarde Keep, I was just flooded with “LF DPS for Nexus!” and “Need tank for UK then GTG!”

No one ever needs healers when I’m around!

So Ghugh finally made the jump to Dark Iron (PvP) this weekend!  But only after I had Gadgets help me transfer all the Alliance-only recipes I could get my little Dwarven hands on over to Brajana.  I stocked him up with some goodies and sent him on his marry way to join the rest of my Alliance crew.

He also has reached the respectable level of 32!  Which means… [Giddy Up!] and [Summon Warhorse]! I am still tempted to spend the extra gold and get him a Ram instead… man, I love those Rams!

And I’ve started following Jame’s Leveling Guide for the first time.  I’ve never used a guide before, and it’s been hard for me quash the urge to grab every single quest in a new zone… but I can not deny the effectiveness of the guide!

Ghugh even managed to get [An Honorable Kill]!  I was innocently killing turtles in Shimmering Flats when a sneaky undead rogue tried to stab me in the back.  But I showed him!  Okay, I did have to use Lay On Hands… and that’s kinda like cheating but… Meh! :)   I was still proud.

And even though Sunday is not one of our usual “alt nights”, Tegrin (Gadgets) and Alouette finally hit the big SEVEN-OH!  It was a painful last 15% experience… trying to do the stupid Tuber quest… but it was very exciting to finally get there.  And Alouette promptly spent all her gold on a [Snowy Gryphon].  The Alliance flying mounts are so pretty, especially compared to the Horde ones, it was difficult to choose.

I started a new alt this weekend, but I do not want to talk about her.  She’s a secret.

I also vacuumed my apartment.

It was a highly productive weekend.

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2 comments to “A Highly Productive Weekend!”

  1. Hurrah for productivity!

    This may be a dumb question, but have you considered using in-game guides like TourGuide instead of external guides like Jame’s Guide?

  2. I actually tried installing Tourguide and using it earlier on, in my 20s. But it just seemed like too much for me. With an external guide, I feel a lot more free to skip things or go off the beaten path when I feel like it. QuestHelper in combination with Jame’s webpage seem to do the trick. :)

    It is a good suggestion though, and also think if I would have started from level 1 with TourGuide I would have been able to stick with it.