Playing With Fire

March 2nd, 2009


It has always been my philosophy that you should spend talent points the way you’d like.  Don’t just use some cookie-cutter spec – and if you do, make sure you understand every point and why it’s most valuable there.

Well, I’ve decided to play around with my talents on my mage.  It’ll be her very first respec – at level 69.

While I’ve tried (with little effort or result) to look for some good posts on which talents are most valuable to for a mage who’s leveling, I’ve decided to just go with my gut and what works best for my play style.

What is my play style? Well, Alouette doesn’t really do instances, and she has a permanent leveling partner.  A protection warrior.  Leveling a mage on her own and leveling with your own personal tanking pet (tee hee, don’t tell Tegrin I called him that!) it’s quite a different ball game.

Currently, Alouette’s spec is like this:  0/60/0 (FIRE!). When I made my mage, all I knew was this:  I wanna set stuff on fire.  So what did I do for her first 69 levels?  dump my points in every talent I saw that said anything along the lines of “Increases damage” or “Increases crit”. :)

It’s hard not to build my mage that way… and it’s hard to see any reason on putting my talents in either of the other trees.  After all, the abilities buffed by the first tier of talents in Arcane and Frost are abilities I don’t even keep on my main bar.

But now I’ve got through the talents and changed them around to accommodate for my new leveling companion.  And this is what I’ve decided to go with: 10/50/0.

Let me explain the changes I’ve made.

Arcane Stability 5/5 (added): I want some stuff from the 2nd and 3rd tier, and need to put these points somewhere.  This made sense because it might come in handy in PvP (Dark Iron is a PvP server).

Arcane Concentration 5/5 (added): Free spells is quite nice to have.  Sure, I can drink my conjured water and use my evocation between fights, but the less downtime I have while working my way up, the better.

Flamethrowing (removed): When I’ve got a meat shield with me, it’s not really necessary for me to be miles from the mob.  I can shoot them just fine from right behind the big Night Elf.

Impact (removed): I loved this one when I was leveling solo, but it seems unnecessary when I have someone taking the hits anyway, and he’s got his own, talentless stuns.

Burning Soul (removed): I’m not taking hits much, so pushback resistance isn’t that useful.  The 10% threat decrease is nice, but I’ve already got Vigilence on me constantly and as long as I don’t open with a pyro, I generally don’t pull aggro.

Molten Fury (removed): With 2 people hitting them, mobs die pretty quickly once they are down to 35%, an extra 12% is just overkill!

Living Bomb (removed): I’m still debating this one.  I never use it… like, never.  Because rarely do mobs live 12 whole seconds, and we tend to take them on 1 at a time.  Sure there’s the DoT, but I can do the total DoT damage with one Fireball.  I will probably pick this one up as I get a little further into the 70s.

So, that’s the extent of my changes.  What’s next for Alouette?  Where will the rest of her points go?

Well, I’m looking at Spell Impact in the Arcane tree for my next 3 points.  Living Bomb after that.  And then, I might delve a bit deeper into the Arcane tree to pick up Arcane Meditation.

I know this spec I’ve designed is pretty specific to my personal situation, but that’s what specializations are about.

If anyone’s got any little mage advice they’d like to share… now would be the time!

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3 comments to “Playing With Fire”

  1. On my mage i grew up fire, raided fire in bc, and planned on going from 70-80 as fire.

    Then i decided to give frost a try (i was always very anti-frost) and i couldn’t believe it, i LOVED it. Granted i was leveling my mage diffrently than u are Alouette, i was mostly solo and going for speed to 80. But with Ice Barrier, improved blizzard, and water elemental i was able to gain a lot of survivability and aoe like a champ, while still doing respectable single target damage. 99% of things died before they got to me anyway.

    On a PvP server it may be something to check out just for the added survivability, from 70.5 to 80 i specced with all my points in frost.

  2. I am usually a fan of putting points where you want to as well. That’s how I did things on my priest when she was leveling.

    Looking at the talent descriptions, mage-ing looks so fun! Damage. Yum.

    Anea’s last blog post..In which I am searched

  3. Beam – I might try playing around with Frost, just to see. It’s fun to try out other things anyway. Actually, might be a good idea right now, just started questing in Shadowmoon Valley and it seems there are a good number of Fire-immune enemies!

    Anea – Yeah, I love just making things blow up… with some trinkets and lucky crits, I can pull off 800-1k DPS… pretty good for a level 69 in greens, I think!