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Conclusion of the Account Ordeal

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I think I’ve got everything sorted out.

I’ve paid to transfer Brajana to my new account.  Didn’t realize I’d be losing my guild affiliations even though I wasn’t transferring servers… it was a bit interesting when I had to ask another officer in Unemployed for a ginvite.

[W To] Barlo: Hey Barlo, could I get a ginvite?
[W From] Barlo: Sure, for who?
[W To] Barlo: me.
[W From] Barlo: huh?

Unfortunately, although I have 3 other characters I consider favourites, I felt I could only afford to bring over one more.  I already spent $100 on the game, I can’t afford another $100 on transfers.

I chose Alouette.  Sure, a mage is easier to relevel than a Priest, but I feel a much bigger connection to Alouette than Ferguson, to be honest.  I’ve been playing her more recently, and I also cheated on Ferguson.  He used to be my brother’s character, so I only actually leveled him from 52 – 71, rather than all the way from the beginning.

So I spent last night preparing my account, “making it as comfortable as possible” before the inevitable end.

I took many dramatic screenshots of me typing “DELETE” into the box overlaid on my naked level 71 priest… but I forgot them at home.  So just picture it in your mind.



In fact, Hydraxis is now completely empty on my old account… it’s a strange sight to see!  I created a new bank alt and decked him out with 16 slot Netherweave Bags (because everything else is too expensive).  I sent him my stockpile of Outlands herbs and even passed him the lucky monocle that my old bank alt was donning.

The boyfriend and I are releveling Ferguson with a druid and using the RAF bonus.  Now, Ferguson is a level 8 priest.  Identical in all ways, except level and professions.

But what about Ghugh?  My unexpectedly beloved Dwarf?  Well, like I said, I can’t afford to transfer all of my characters… but being the great guy he is, Gadgets has offered to pay for me to transfer him across, because he knows how much I love him.  Only problem is, since I just transferred him to Dark Iron I will have to pay an extra month of subscriptions before I can transfer again.  More money!  But since I am technically getting a free month on the new account, it’s not so bad.

So I’ve spent an extra $160 to get my account in my own name.

Was it worth it?

I think so.  I didn’t necessarily have to do the transferring, since both accounts took on the same properties when I merged them… but it feels better to me anyway, to have them all on an account I created.

It could have been vacuous, maybe I never needed to do any of it in the first place.  Maybe I’d never get in trouble for playing on an account that wasn’t technically mine.  But now I don’t have to worry any more, I don’t have to feel guilty!  And that itself is worth it.


And you thought 3.0.8 was the biggest hit to BM Hunters!

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Well, you’re wrong!

The biggest thing to hurt the BM hunter community just happened – Daniel Howell (BigRedKitty) has decided to remove himself from the blogging and the playing and all that to focus on what really matters – family.  There really is no better reason to move on, and it’s great to see a father wanted to take a more active role in his child’s life.

BRK was one of the first blogs I ever read, helped me learn how to play my hunter and I’ve always advocated his site as a great resource for those who want to learn to be a better overall hunter!

I will continue to recommend it, as long as it’s alive, because it’s still quite a rich resource.

I believe the rest of the hunter community would join me in thanking him for all the work and time he’s put in trying to teach us and keep us entertained.

That isn’t to say that the hunter community will now be a vacuous hole of emptiness – there are many great hunter resources out there now.  And so many of them were inspired by BRK himself that his work will continue to grow even in his absence.

And I hope he has a great time helping raise his son and growing with his family.

Best of luck, BRK!


Check out No Stock UI!

Monday, March 30th, 2009

No Stock UI is a brand new World of Warcraft magazine-style Addon and User Interface blog, originally sparked by an idea of the great Matticus of World of Matticus!  He’s invited me and a few other great writers to help out with this great undertaking to bring the World of Warcraft more information on the Addons and User Interface design you want to know about.

You can get a better idea about the site by reading Matticus’ post about it, or heck… just go to the new site and see it for yourself!

My first post is already up, it’s about how to use Recount to help improve yourself and your raid.

Check it out, subscribe, and enjoy!


A Not So Extreme Decision

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Alright, so I can confirm that you do not need to do any sort of e-mail confirmation when you merge with Battle Net as of now.  I’ve merged both my non-me account and my new account into a single Battle Net account, and I should be able to transfer between them now.  (Honestly, I personally think there SHOULD be a confirmation e-mail to merge accounts… but for me, I’m lucky Blizzard is being unsecure about it)

That’s quite nice to learn.  It’s going to be expensive to transfer all of my characters… but I get to keep my stuff!!  YAY!

Now I’ve got this Recruit-a-Friend bonus and don’t know what to do with it!

UPDATE: So from what I can see… when you merge a WoW account into a Battle Net account, the WoW account takes on the name/e-mail address of the Battle Net account.  SO I never needed to buy a new copy of the game in the first place, because now the account that wasn’t in my name is in my name.

There’s $100 down the drain…



An Extreme Decision

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

I made a big decision this weekend.

I’ve decided to reroll my entire account.

This is no vacuous choice… I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have a reason.  Long story short, the account I play on isn’t in my name or e-mail address.  I don’t even know what the e-mail and name are.  This account used to belong to someone else who bought it used online.  When I started playing on it I didn’t think too much about the implications of playing on an account that wasn’t mine, but the longer I’ve played, the more of a concern it’s become.  It always makes me uncomfortable knowing that every time I log in, I’m violating the TOS.  I can’t make any changes to my account that requires e-mail confirmation, I can’t contact support for any reason… heaven forbid I was ever hacked, there would be no chance of me getting any piece of the account back.

And now with the impending Battle Net account merge, it’s essential for this to change.

So I figured this is as good a time as any to start anew!  The game’s a bit slow right now while we wait for 3.1 and Ulduar to go live.  So it gives me time to reroll my main and get her ready to raid in place of my ‘old’ main.

So I’m using the Recruit-a-Friend with Gadgets to reroll ALL of my characters.

It’s quite a daunting task certainly, and it’s very scary to think about deleting the character I’ve been playing as my main for the last 3 years… losing all the achievements and items and statistics I’ve acquired over time.

But what I need to keep reminding myself of – it doesn’t matter if I’ve still got the shiny achievements and the flashy mounts.  I will remember the experiences and no amount of rerolling will take that away.  You might inspect the new me and think I’ve just started playing – but I know better.

But what I am going to do is try to do some sort tribute to the old Brajana through the blog.  A recap of achievements that mean special things to me, my favourite non-combat pets and stories that I won’t be able to show off any more.

I’ll also write about how I’m doing my leveling.  I’ve gone from 1 to 34 this weekend already, hoping to hit 60 before the end of the week so I can spend the weekend in Outlands.

Wish me luck!

I’m gonna need it.

PS – Blizzard needs to reduce the cost of the World of Warcraft Battle Chest or something.  I spent over $100 on the game + expansions, and that’s quite a lot to ask someone who is new to the game to pay!

UPDATE: After getting a comment here from Nordhbane and doing some extra research (which I should have done before) I think I’ve discovered that when you merge accounts, you don’t get a confirmation e-mail address to the WoW account holder e-mail address.  This means I can merge both accounts and then from there I can transfer my characters to my new account!  It kinda sucks that I spend all the money already… but I still want an account I can access with my own e-mail address.

If anyone can confirm this for me (before I attempt it) that’d be super.