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Love, Thy Name is Ghugh.

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

paladinI think I’ve fallen in love with my Paladin.

Until Ghugh came along, the Paladin class held the long standing record of being the only class I couldn’t bare myself to get past level 9.

But they’ve changed quite a bit about it since I last tried it out (about 3 years ago) and I really appreciate how the class works.

In just 2 days, I’ve gotten Ghugh from 16 to 23 and the only problem I’ve had is that I hate doing the Alliance quests (too much running around and zone-hopping!)

Even got a group together for Deadmines, and while I was hoping to try my hand at tanking, I was the only class with the ability to heal so I got stuck on healer duty.  Which I still enjoyed.

I like not getting one-shotted when I get aggro.

I like being able to take on several mobs at once and being able to keep it all under control and keep myself alive.

I like that most spells (other than healing) are instant cast abilities.

I like Lay On Hands. :)

What do I not like?  Well, no instant cast HoTs.  Renew plz?  But that’s about the only real issue I’ve come up with!

So Ghugh is patiently waiting for Paid Character Transfers to become stable again so he can go join my mage and boyfriend on my Alliance PvP server.  I’m finally leveling a class that is good at world encounter PvP… might as well level him on a PvP server!

P.S.: There are 29 characters listed on the Armory with the name “Ghugh”.  ALL of them are male Dwarves.  Huh.


My Sixth Screenshot: Brajana’s underaged drinking

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Someone tagged someone who tagged a bunch of people, etc, etc. Don’t think anyone actually tagged me… but I’m gonna pretend I have friends and post my 6th screenshot.


There’s a young Brajana, shortly after taming the original Fiddlesticks (Broken Tooth… before they nerfed him!)  I believe I took this because it was the first time I’d really seem the drunken effect in game.

I also found this… and while it’s not my 6th screenshot, I just thought it was cute.  Leveling my mage, I ran into a fellow guildie visiting Tabitha similarly leveled, but she was Frost and I was Fire, as our hair and gear demonstrates.  I thought it was cute.



Wednesday? Five-hundred: A Gift

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Anna from Too Many Annas has prompted for a short “ficlet” about a character.  The limit is 500 words, although mine is nearing 700.  Just couldn’t cut it down anymore!  The prompt was:

Write an event, a situation, or a scene that involves your character as a child/teenager and has some impact on your character later in life.

I previously wrote a story for Brajana.  This story is about Ferguson and Anabelle, my undead priest and warrior.

As the two military officers walked away from the small cottage, Rebecca slowly closed her front door.  Her eyes were wide, her mouth hung open in an expression of confusion and shock.  She just stood there, staring out the window at the front gate.

“Mom?  I think Anabelle needs to be changed again… she smells.”  Her five-year-old son came into the room carrying the newborn, just barely a week old.

“Um, Mom?  Who was that at the door? I thought it was father… when’s he coming back from duty?  You said he would be back yesterday!”  Rebecca continued to stare in disbelief, until she felt a tugging at her apron which brought her spinning back to reality.  She looked down to see Ferguson holding her crying baby girl.

“Here, take her!  She stinks!”  As Rebecca took the girl in her hands, she suddenly felt no connection to it, as if it weren’t her own, as if she hadn’t spent the last nine months carrying her in the womb.

She was never cut out to be a mother.  She fell in love when she was much too young, and only bore her two children because it’s what her husband wanted.  And now he was gone.  Slain in battle, fighting demons… he was her life, all that mattered to her.  And yet here she remained with his two children.

She knew what she had to do.  She couldn’t care for these children.  She could not live if her love did not live.

After placing the baby in her cradle, Rebecca went to the kitchen and soon returned to the children’s room with a basket of fresh bread.

“Ferguson.  I need you to take your sister and this fresh bread to the Abbey.  Give them this note.  Do not read it, just give it to them.  I’m giving them a gift.”

“But… why do I have to bring Anabelle? Can’t I just bring the bread and come back?” Ferguson said as he put his jacket on.  His mother frequently asked him to make deliveries… but the baby hadn’t left home since she was born.

“Just take her and go, Ferguson.  And make sure the priest reads the letter when you get there.”

Ferguson did as his mother asked and walked the half-mile down to the Abbey with his still smelly sister in one arm and the basket of bread in the other.  When he finally arrived, he handed the bread and passed the note to the priest who answered the door.

“My mother says she wants to give you a gift.” Ferguson waited as the priest read the note and sighed.

“Come in, son.  I’ll see if we’ve got another bed for you and your sister.”

“Thank you, father.  But we should be getting back to mother, before it gets dark.”  Ferguson said.

“You’re orphans now.  You’re father is dead.  By now, your mother is probably also dead.  You’ve nothing left to get back to.”


Little-known symptom of strep throat: Chronic WoW playing.

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

I apologize for being MIA the last couple of days.  Came down with strep throat again this weekend… still trying to get past it!

The good thing about being sick is having to stay at home and play World of Warcraft all the time.  If it wasn’t for the coughing fits, the fever and the achiness, I would have had a quite pleasant couple of days.

I started yet another alt, named Anabelle.  She’s on Cenarion Circle, a roleplaying server!  That’s right, I’m going to make an actual attempt at playing an RP character.  I’ll introduce you to Anabelle and tell you her story soon.  You may have seen her name mentioned here before.  Right now, she’s a level 10 Undead Warrior.

I almost finished my [Hail to the Chef] achievement on Monday.  I figured since I missed out on getting [Fool for Love], I might as well get another title!  So I farmed to try to get my cooking up to 450 so I can finally make a Fish Feast… but apparently I didn’t quite farm enough, and ended up with 448 when my mats ran out!  So I’ll have to swing around and try again another time.

Tuesday, I had time to run a couple of Heroics.  First, as is always my first choice, we ran Utgarde Keep.  No crossbow.  Darn it.

I had a really fun time running these heroics.  We had one of our main Paladin healers spec’d prot to try his hand at tanking… and so I got to actually CC! It was nice to practice using my Freezing Arrow and Freezing Trap and pulling skills.  I miss those.

I still had The Nexus heroic daily quest in my log, and so I took my group there.  And this one little heroic Nexus run solved so many of my problems.  First, it gave me exactly 40 Emblems of Heroism, which meant I could purchase Ferguson the shoulders he’s been dying to get.  And then, the [Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood] dropped!  With the 55 hit on that baby, I am exactly 1 above the hit cap.

Which meant I don’t need to spend 60 Emblems of Valor on the [Armguards of the Tower Archer], and instead spent 25 on the [Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak].

I love it when everything just falls into place!

Now all I need is a new ranged weapon, because my [Zombie Sweeper Shotgun] is just not cutting it anymore.

Unfortunately, the chronic disconnections in Naxxramas seem to have returned for a select few people.  After the first boss of the night, I was no longer able to stay connected during combat.  I would get booted every time there was a pull, and couldn’t log back in until everyone was out of combat.  After missing all of spider and plague wings, I asked that they replace me so I could stop torturing myself.

The good thing about this was I was able to hop on Cenarion Circle and witness the battle between Platezilla and Arrens, and observe some enjoyable RPing.

Hopefully things will be cleared up by tonight and even more will fall into place… [Arrowsong] or [Envoy of Mortality], perhaps?


You have earned the Achievement [Perma-Peddle]!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Too bad it was on my MAGE!

I only did the Gift of Adoration on her twice, and got a shiny [Trusilver Shafted Arrow].

I was hoping to get the [Bag of Candies] or the [Romantic Picnic Basket] (which Brajana has 3 of now…) so I could have something to share with the boyfriend, and I’m also trying to get 75 pets on Brajana, so I would have been much happier had they switched gifts.

Let’s just hope I pick up that Bag of Candies sometime this weekend, that’s the last thing Brajana needs to become a Love Fool!

UPDATE: On her fourth Adoration gift, Allouette (my mage) got a Bag of Candies. Seems I’m using up all my luck on an alt!