This Week in Raiding: Sarth + 2 Drakes!

February 28th, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “This Week in Raiding” post!  But now it seems I’m finally back to a regular raiding schedule, so I will hopefully be able to keep writing these, as long as something interesting happens.

And there were certainly some interesting things this week!

Tuesday was Naxx as usual.  However, your guild leader/master looter was sick, so I volunteered to take the role.  I figured out pretty quickly that having a separate chat window that displays only Raid Warnings and whispers is extremely helpful for keeping things organized.  Then I can see who said what without having to sift through everything else!  I’m pretty sure Pilsner does something similar already.

Luckily, most decisions were pretty easy.  Most people have the gear they want, so may things went to offspec (everyone just roles for offspec) or to the disenchanter.  However, when we killed Patchwerk… [Arrowsong].  I said at the end of last week that if I didn’t see a new ranged weapon to replace my stupid [Zombie Sweeper Shotgun], I would kill someone.

However, I wasn’t the only hunter.  I honestly don’t want to get into the details, but there was an issue and the other 2 loot council members put me in a really awkward position.  And meanwhile, the raid went on to kill the next boss without waiting for me, which I was pretty upset about as well.

In the end, I was forced to give myself [Arrowsong], and while I was so looking forward to getting a new ranged weapon, and I should be super excited right now… it was a bitter victory, and the weapon is tainted to me.  Honestly, I can’t wait to be rid of it.

Wednesday night was just more of the same ol’ Naxx, although we did managed to get [Heroic: The Hundred Club] and [Heroic: Just Can't Get Enough].  Kel dropped some pretty gear that most hunters would be glad to see drop, [Betrayer of Humanity], [Drape of the Deadly Foe] and [Crown of the Lost Protector], but I opted out of them because there were obviously people who needed them more than me (and I already have the helm).

Thursday night was a very short night.  Sarth+2.  We were determined to get it this week, we did pretty well in our attempts last week, but this week it was a certain thing!  The first two attempts were quite depressing, but our third had marked improvement and, well, 4th times a charm, right? :)   Unfortunately I ate a Flame Wave from WITHIN the stupid portal and that took me out right at the beginning of the second drake… so I was an observer for about half the battle.  But I’m really glad we got it… maybe we’ll get 3 next week!

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One comment to “This Week in Raiding: Sarth + 2 Drakes!”

  1. Be prepared for A LOT of wipes while working on 3D. 2D really does not successfully simulate the 3D fight, but it is fun in itself – once you get it down, it becomes as easy as pie.

    It’s funny, with two Fury Warriors in raid, I have never even considered that 2H Axe to be a hunter weapon…

    Neggles’s last blog post..Some PTR shots