Love, Thy Name is Ghugh.

February 23rd, 2009

paladinI think I’ve fallen in love with my Paladin.

Until Ghugh came along, the Paladin class held the long standing record of being the only class I couldn’t bare myself to get past level 9.

But they’ve changed quite a bit about it since I last tried it out (about 3 years ago) and I really appreciate how the class works.

In just 2 days, I’ve gotten Ghugh from 16 to 23 and the only problem I’ve had is that I hate doing the Alliance quests (too much running around and zone-hopping!)

Even got a group together for Deadmines, and while I was hoping to try my hand at tanking, I was the only class with the ability to heal so I got stuck on healer duty.  Which I still enjoyed.

I like not getting one-shotted when I get aggro.

I like being able to take on several mobs at once and being able to keep it all under control and keep myself alive.

I like that most spells (other than healing) are instant cast abilities.

I like Lay On Hands. :)

What do I not like?  Well, no instant cast HoTs.  Renew plz?  But that’s about the only real issue I’ve come up with!

So Ghugh is patiently waiting for Paid Character Transfers to become stable again so he can go join my mage and boyfriend on my Alliance PvP server.  I’m finally leveling a class that is good at world encounter PvP… might as well level him on a PvP server!

P.S.: There are 29 characters listed on the Armory with the name “Ghugh”.  ALL of them are male Dwarves.  Huh.

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3 comments to “Love, Thy Name is Ghugh.”

  1. I was never able to level a paladin either until recently. I believe Platezilla was created in October of last year? I can’t remember. I do know that the boyfriend and I managed to get the characters (his priest/my pally) to 70 before Wrath came out, which was our goal.

    I say though, as long as you can get to level 20, you’re going to be just fine on a paladin :) The first levels are still somewhat boring and what have you…

    Elwynn Forest btw, is a great questing zone. You can go from 6-12 there without much running…unless that’s where you are. If you’re usually Horde that would also be why things seem worse for questing :P You’re not used to the zones, etc. hehe

    Cait’s last blog post..6th Screenshot :)

  2. I actually found between 16 and 22 I had to keep running between Westfall/Loch Modan/Redridge to find quests that were yellow to me. My quest long has been (and is currently) full of Orange and Red quests… I want my Barrens!

    Getting up to 16 was rather easy to find quests. But that’s where I got stuck!

  3. Aren’t pallys lovely? I had almost the opposite affliction – I couldn’t stop rolling them! But none of them (unfortunately) have been leveled to 80, since I didn’t want to “cheat” on my priest.

    But I agree with you, WAY too much zone-hopping Alliance-side. /grumble

    Anea’s last blog post..Terrestrial Watchtower