You have earned the Achievement [Perma-Peddle]!

February 13th, 2009

Too bad it was on my MAGE!

I only did the Gift of Adoration on her twice, and got a shiny [Trusilver Shafted Arrow].

I was hoping to get the [Bag of Candies] or the [Romantic Picnic Basket] (which Brajana has 3 of now…) so I could have something to share with the boyfriend, and I’m also trying to get 75 pets on Brajana, so I would have been much happier had they switched gifts.

Let’s just hope I pick up that Bag of Candies sometime this weekend, that’s the last thing Brajana needs to become a Love Fool!

UPDATE: On her fourth Adoration gift, Allouette (my mage) got a Bag of Candies. Seems I’m using up all my luck on an alt!

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9 comments to “You have earned the Achievement [Perma-Peddle]!”

  1. I would love to have this title. I’m going to have to spend all day Saturday making sure I get it since I will be busy today/tonight for the most part. Well…actually at some point tomorrow I’m sure we’ll go out to eat…or something? Who knows.

    I got a Peddlefeet last night though! So I have to get the title now!

    Cait’s last blog post..Retadin – My Basics

  2. Starting my work on this achievement tonight Braj.

    *crosses fingers*

    Let me know if you need anything and I’ll see what extras I have!

  3. You do the same! I have a few extra rose petals and such… right now all I need is the Bag of Candy.

    I also need to go use my Love Fools, I have them, just need to go drop them places.

    Good luck Boost!


    Rilgon Arcsinh’s last blog post..It is not for me that I must be strong…

  5. See, I’m using that approach – don’t waste luck on an alt. I was very tempted to powerlevel my baby warrior a bit so she can join in the Valentine’s Day fun, but wisely, I did not.

    If I haven’t managed to get my Perma-Peddle after I can’t tell you how many gifts on one character – imagine how much worse my luck with be if it was split with other characters? /flail

    But good luck! There’s still tomorrow. That’s what I’m telling myself.

    Anea’s last blog post..A Very Anea UI

  6. i have my cooking timer set for 1 hour for 3 days now and no pet still! look like im going to need a pot of coffee.

  7. I managed to get the title but no peddlefeet :-(
    75 companions just got a teeny bit harder.

    Eresin’s last blog post..I May Be A Fool But I’m Back!

  8. I got a Peddlefeet Pet on my first try, but at 5:45 I tried in vain to get a bag of candies to complete that portion of the holiday event.

    I finished off my sleep for the night (which was much smoother since I no longer felt the need to get up every hour) but much to my surprise when I logged in this morning there were still a few NPC’s with hearts over their heads!

    It took a couple more hours to get a bag of candies (I mean really do I need 7 picnic baskets? Seriously?) and after 9 charges I was down to one Heart Candy Needed. I clicked on the bag one last time … and I FINALLY GOT THE LAST DAMN CANDY! (“I’m all yours”).

    I screamed “OH THANK JEEBUS” in /gchat and went around finishing off the pitying and petal showering to round out the achievement (as an aside, where have all the Troll Rogues gone? Regnal had to make one for a bunch of us to shower it).

    I thin wished I had a way to get a hold of you to tell you there were still some lovelorn npc’s out there. You could still try for the Gifts of Adoration at Noon server, but when I tried to get the pet on an alt at 1pm server the holiday text was no longer popping up (even if they had a heart above them).

  9. Nooooooo!

    Wish I would have known Boost :( Well, I’m glad you got it at least!