Beast Mastery 3.0.2 to 3.0.9 Raid Comparison (with pictures!)

February 11th, 2009

I almost don’t want to show these results, because my DPS has been so sad for the last few weeks.  Last night I tried out the ‘new’ BM, after patch 3.0.9 unnerfed some things.  I tested out on the target dummy first, and it wasn’t looking good, but I decided to see how it held up in a raid.

What I was expecting from the raid: Low DPS, but above last place. Mana regen problems, because my BM spec is less efficient.

What I got from the raid: Moderate DPS, quite viable when compared to Survival.  Still not back in first place (where we belong! hehe) Very few mana regen issues, I ran out of mana on a few of the fights, but usually only right at the end of the fight.

Here are 4 Noth attempts.  This was the only fight that I felt was a good measure of stand-there-and-shoot DPS that I could get multiple examples of.  I would have liked to use Patchwerk, but I wasn’t there for him a couple of times.

Keep in mind, my gear has improved over these weeks, so some DPS can be attributed to that. Also note these are sorted by damage done rather than by DPS.  The raid composition is almost identical each time.

Make sure to look at the other Hunters too, their gear is comparable to mine.

Pre 3.0.8 – BM (with cat) – 2975 DPS

This was the hay-day of Beast Mastery in Wrath… I generally kept to the top of the charts, and I quite liked it there.  All hunters in the raid are BM at this point, and we’re all doing pretty well.

Shot Priority: Serpent Sting > Steady Shot.


Post 3.0.8 – BM (with cat) -2481 DPS

Beast Mastery after the massive nerf.  about 500 DPS less than I was doing before… boo!  As you can see, the overall raid DPS had increased, but all the hunters had decreased.  I believe the other hunters had switched to Survival already, but I can’t remember for sure.   Their DPS wasn’t very nice either though, as you can see.

Shot Priority: Serpent Sting > Arcane Shot > Steady Shot.


Post 3.0.8 – SV (with moth) – 2534 DPS

My one and only raid as SV.  My DPS still wasn’t much better as Survival, but it’s still better than nerfed BM at this point.  I wasn’t completely used to SV yet, so there was also that.  The other two hunters were also SV at this point, and they were both doing more DPS.  Not sure why mine is so low at this point, but I wasn’t much higher than this the whole raid.

Shot Priority: Serpent Sting > Explosive Shot > Aimed Shot > Steady Shot


Post 3.0.9 – BM (with moth) - 2838 DPS

Ha!  How ’bout that.  While my target dummy tests showed a solid decrease in DPS compared to Survival, BM doesn’t seem to be faring badly when it comes to practical testing in a raid environment!

I apologize for not using WWS, the WWS hasn’t been posted yet.  I’ll try to switch the pic when it does get posted.

Shot Priority: Serpent Sting > Arcane Shot > Steady Shot.



I’m sticking with Beast Mastery.  Maybe it’s not the #1 DPS spec, but I like it a lot, an now that it’s not marking me as lowest DPS in the raid, I don’t mind so much.

This may not be how the results look for everyone, but this is what seems to be working for me.  Survival was fun, but I didn’t like my squishy useless pet.

If anyone else has given a try as BM since 3.0.9, please let me know how it goes!

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11 comments to “Beast Mastery 3.0.2 to 3.0.9 Raid Comparison (with pictures!)”

  1. I think everyone knew this was going to happen when they announced the changes.


    Klinderas’s last blog post..Things I Wish I Could Do But Don’t Know How

  2. You has a moth :3 Neg likes!

    Neggles’s last blog post..Can’t be carried

  3. Moths are on the SES Approved List of Cute and Deadly Pets, so this test is SES Approved. :3

    Rilgon Arcsinh’s last blog post..I wish… Oh, I wish…

  4. One thing to look at, when using wowmeteronline, the first dps column is total dps for the fight, so its amount of dmg done divided by fight time.

    Thext column is actual dps which is the same as what wws uses, so u should use that column when comparing wmo to wws

  5. Woah, really? Then my numbers are huge!

    I’ll have to fix that then.

  6. Another thing to remember is the relative play-style of the different players. Some of the players in that particular raid group have gradually developed a narrow focus, pew-pewing away on the boss and ignoring other aspects of the fight around them. Others are still keeping their head on a swivel and trying to manage the enitre playinf field as the fights dynamics change (I’m sure this is true for most if not all raid groupings as well). So while the first type of player may have slightly better numbers, it is the second player that is contributing the most to the raid.

    I know you’re aware of this (knowing how you raid) but I always try to emphasize the importance of overall play. Its more beneficial if people put overall performance (marking, calling out changes, c/c, debuffing, etc.) ahead of raw numbers.

  7. P.S. it might be illuminating to show the results from the next night too. You’ll see some differences due to the nature of those fights.

  8. I would, but I don’t like how I did last night, not DPS wise but play wise. Thaddius, my pet dismissing failed and i didn’t notice, so he was stuck for the first 20% or so. Kel and Maly I’d never really seen before, so I was paying much more attention to “What the heck is going on?!” than making sure I was doing my best DPS! :P

  9. I can think of a few people who need to pay more attention to “What the heck is going on?” ;)

  10. Good post! I have been BM since I created my hunter over a year ago. Even after the great Hunter Nerf of 2009 I never went back. I staggered a bit, but I researched my butt off to squeeze out every ounce of DPS I could…lol.

    Here is the wowwebstats from our recent raid, proud to say I topped out on damage that night (not DPS – that was 3rd overall). I always raid with a cat.


    I look forward to reading more!

  11. Thanks for sharing, Treeannah! I have noticed that you don’t use Multishot in your regular rotation… I’ve just begun giving that a try and it’s given me nice results. Have you tried it out at all?