Fun Guild Event 6: Guild Meetup!

February 10th, 2009

Inspired by Unemployed’s trip to Vegas!

Many guilds come to a point in their duration where they consider themselves a group of friends, not just a group of raiders or a group of players.  I’ve been part of Unemployed for nearly 2 years, and spending about 3 evenings a week with the same people… you build connections.

If you reach this point, you may start to consider – wouldn’t it be cool to meet up in real life?


This is the hardest Guild Event to co-ordinate by far.

First, you need to pick a destination.  There are a lot of questions to consider.

  • Do you want to go somewhere to see the sights, or to just hang out?
  • Does anyone have a cottage or house they are willing to put people up in?
  • How much is everyone willing to spend on hotels/flights?
  • Is there somewhere central to most members, so the travel costs can be evened out?

You may want to ask yourself and your group all of these questions before you pick a destination.

Or, you could just say “LET’S GO TO VEGAAAAASS!!!” and skip all the important questions, like we did.

Here are some tips for planning your trip.

  1. Make sure you can get a rough estimate of the people interested first, and then throw it out the window.  Remember, there will be lots of people who change their minds, or aren’t actually willing to put in the money, or can’t get the time off… so your first estimate will probably be exaggerated.  For example, our first estimate of people coming to Vegas was 21 people.  We ended up with 7.  So make sure you set deadlines for when people MUST decide and commit somehow.
  2. Try to pick a hotel (if applicable) that doesn’t require a deposit on booking (such as all hotels on the Las Vegas Strip).  This way, no one (Brajana) is stuck with putting several rooms on their credit card and trying to round up the deposit from everyone, while working with the ever fluctuating exchange rate (that is, if you’re Canadian (Brajana) and everyone else is American).
  3. Make sure you can coordinate roommates easily. You might be like us, and have a majority of females going.  Some people may not want to share a room with the opposite sex.  Some people will be willing to spend extra and have a private room.  Others will want to save as much money as they can, and will share a room with as many people as the floor and couch permit.
  4. Find activities you’ll want to do, places you’ll want to see, and try to make an agenda.  Then throw it out the same window as your guest estimate, because no one is gonna read it and no one will follow it.  It’s a vacation, people will just want to wing it.  You’ll have to learn to be okay with that if schedules and spreadsheets are very important to you (Brajana).
  5. Try to figure out a way to explain the trip to people who do not play World of Warcraft. “Vegas, eh?  Who are you going with?”  Answering “friends from across the US” often brings strange looks.
  6. Don’t bother trying to memorize everyone’s real names. You ARE going to call them by their in-game nicknames, no matter how hard you try not to.
  7. Make sure you have everyone’s real names and phone numbers. That way when someone (Tharaks) shows up who knows neither of these for anyone, you’ll be able to find them.
  8. Have fun. When you get wherever you are going, enjoy yourself and your company.  This is a great opportunity to let your regular problems go, and build a stronger bond with the people you usually are busy stressing about raids with.  It might be a little awkward at first, but it’ll surprise you how quickly you’ll feel like you’ve hung out with these people for years (which, you kinda have).
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3 comments to “Fun Guild Event 6: Guild Meetup!”

  1. I’ll do the hotel next time. I didn’t even think about how exchange rates would affect things. >.<

    Also, yeah, Guin and I had a “list” of things we wanted to see/do, and that was definitely out the window. It seems the more there is to see and do, the less an actual schedule or plan works.

    Maybe Disney World next?

  2. Since the majority of people in my guild live on the West Coast, it’s very typical for people to post when and where they are traveling in that direction to meet up with guildees for drinks. I met up with about a lot of friends when I went to California for a cousin’s wedding, and enjoyed it immensely.

    Neggles’s last blog post..Stupid False Springs…

  3. I wish that I would be able to schedule a get-together with guildies from my old guild. However, the members that I would most like to meet live in Australia! So… the chances of either of us going across the pond are slim to nil, so I guess we’ll just have to see what fate has in store.

    I would struggle with the same things as you (organize much?) so I hear ya on that ;)

    Anea’s last blog post..Back to your roots