“Are you carrying any alcohol, tobacco, or mana potions?”

February 3rd, 2009

Las Vegas was great.  I’ll post pictures and more details later, when I’m not at work.

But for now, a little story.  On my way back from Las Vegas, I had to pass through Canada Customs and have one of those little talks with a customs officer, to see if I have to claim anything.  The conversation went as follows.  I kid you not.

“What was the purpose of your trip?”

“Personal, just a little weekend vacation.”

“Where are you coming in from?”

“Las Vegas.”

“Were you traveling with anyone?”


“… You went to Las Vegas by yourself?”

“Well, uhh… no.  I met up with some friends there.”

“How do you know these friends?”

“We… play an online video game together.”

“Which game?”

*rapidly turning red* “World of Warcraft.”

“What do you play?”

“Um, I’m sorry… what?”

“What kind of character do you play in World of Warcraft?”

“A Troll Hunter.”

“Nice.  Alright, you can go through.”

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13 comments to ““Are you carrying any alcohol, tobacco, or mana potions?””

  1. LOL! That’s awesome.

    Nassira’s last blog post..More Tutorials To Look Forward To!

  2. lol classic – very nice! Glad you had an awesome time.

    Cait’s last blog post..Introductions are Needed

  3. Hhahahaha that IS awesome indeed!

    Eresin’s last blog post../Cluck

  4. Hahahaha, that’s awesome! (And very well told, I might add).


    Ego’s last blog post..Advice to a Freshly-80 Warrior

  5. Thank god you didn’t say night elf.

  6. Yeah, or Gnome. That would have gotten you 3 weeks of community service.


    Klinderas’s last blog post..Wolf Who Runs Like Tortoise

  7. Ahahaha, that’s awesome. I would have been shocked too, had he asked. Good thing I wasn’t the one getting questioned, I wonder what he would have said about me playing a Draenei priest…

    Anea’s last blog post..On investing yourself

  8. /snrk


    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..All Mammoths Are Met With Extreme Prejudice

  9. I love when those situations come up. It’s like being a member of a secret society. Too bad the social stigma against WoW atm can make it awkward.

    Neggles’s last blog post..I Can Has Agility?

  10. Yeah, or Gnome. That would have gotten you 3 weeks of community service.

    The hell’s wrong with gnomes? They’re adorable!

    They’re not hot like female draenei, but they have their place.

    Rilgon Arcsinh’s last blog post..zomg halp i am teh root’d

  11. ROFL! That’s awesome.

    I agree about the gnome comment though… Wouldn;t have gone well…

    Ithiel’s last blog post..Math Fail – The Things You Find on Youtube

  12. [...] “Are you carrying any alcohol, tobacco, or mana potions?” [...]

  13. [...] “Are you carrying any alcohol, tobacco, or mana potions?” [...]