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Achievement Guide: Shop Smart, Shop Pet… Smart!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Disclaimer: This post was accurate as of patch 3.2.

This is a guide for the set of achievements for mini-pets:

As a hunter, a Beast Master hunter at that, pets are very important to me.  And while companion pets won’t fight by my side, I still do like those cute little guys!

However, I never went out of my way to get a lot of pets.  Probably because my bag space was valuable to me, and I didn’t want to waste it.

But now that isn’t an issue, and with a nice reward like [Reeking Pet Carrier], there’s nothing stopping me from finding myself 50 little companions!

Here’s a list of all the companions in order of difficulty to obtain (assuming gold isn’t difficult to come by).   I’ve bolded my companions in the list below, in case you are curious.

Let’s start with Vendor and Crafted BoE pets.  Everyone can get these.  Getting the pets from the opposite faction might be difficult if you don’t have any friends on the other side, or aren’t on a PvE server.  However, they ARE BoE so can be learned by either faction.

If you are planning on picking them up yourself and using the neutral Auction House, keep in mind that you cannot buy from your own account on the neutral AH.  You will need a middle man – someone you can trust.

Vendor (Both Factions)

Vendor (Horde)

Vendor (Alliance)


Quest Rewards

If you have already done the quest and have destroyed the item, the quest giver should be able to give you a new one.

  • [Sprite Darter Egg] (Feralas, Alliance Only – Drop for Horde)
  • [Chicken Egg] (Westfall)
    • While the quest can only be completed by Alliance, Horde can pick up the egg from the ground when the quest is completed.  Just need co-operation with someone of the opposite faction.
  • [Mechanical Chicken] (Stranglethorn Vale)
    • This requires you to complete the 3 OOX quests first.  If you are unsure about which of the 3 you have completed, a GM will tell you if you petition them.  This is also BoE, so it’s possible to find on the AH or trade it.
  • [Miniwing] (Terokkar Forest)
  • [Smolderweb Carrier] (Blackrock Spire)
  • [Worg Carrier] (Blackrock Spire)



Most of these can be found on the Auction House, but be prepared to pay a hefty sum.  The price ranges vary significantly, so you might get lucky, but don’t count on it.


You’re gonna need to be an Engineer or Fisherman to get these.

Achievement Reward


Only available during a certain time of year, some of them are drops, some are easily purchased and some are quest based.

Argent Tournament

All pets available through seals are BoE and can be traded.

Past Events

These are no longer available (not on the AH or eBay).

Out of Game Special

Possibly available on eBay if you’ve got lots of RL gold!


Ferguson Has Returned!

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Sorry about the lack of posts this weekend!  I was very busy slacking off.  Here’s a quick “This Week in Raiding” for last week:

Lots of lag.  Cut every raid early due to server issues.  Still managed to get new gear!

WoW Word of the Week is taking a short hiatus.

I had a very interesting weekend in the World of Warcraft.  Of course, the Lunar Festival has started, so I spent a bit of time working on traveling around for that.  Don’t have my title yet – that’s gonna take me a while.

Decided I’m going to take a break from raiding this week.  I’ve gotten behind in housework, studying and have lost a little bit of interest in my hunter since her DPS is slightly sad.

But the big news this weekend is:

I FINALLY started leveling Ferguson!

I’ve been meaning to for quite some time, but I’ve been stuck on his spec.  I was supposed to be leveling with my boyfriend’s warlock, but he’s taking to long and I need my healer.  So I decided to go solo.  The problem was, at heart he is a holy priest, a healer.  But I don’t want it to take forever to get to 80.  So my options were:

  1. Level holy, run lots of instances and take questing slow.  This is what I kind of did from 60-70.
  2. Level shadow, quest quickly, then switch to holy at 79 or 80.  The problem with this, is I would be afraid that I wouldn’t know how to heal at 80.  I’d be out of practice, get thrown straight into heroics, and fail.

So I specced Holy and gave those handy Training Dummies a visit.  Is holy viable for solo leveling?

With a 70 Training Dummy, I was doing between 500 and 600 DPS.  It’s not amazing, but I deemed it as enough.

So now Ferguson is now making his way through Howling Fjord, much more quickly than I expected.

And within 5 minutes of getting to Northrend, I already had a group for Utgarde Keep.

Most of us had just stepped off the boat to HF, but it still went pretty well, especially since it’s been 3 or 4 months since I really healed anything.  I was very happy when no one died on the first boss fight.  However, we just couldn’t get the last boss down.  I still am not sure how to heal through that fight.  My DBM tells me STOP CASTING!  So, I stop casting.  However, it fails to ever give me the green light.  How long do I have to wait til I can start casting again?

Anyway, I was still happy with my ability to heal, and I don’t think questing will be that hard.  Since I’ll hopefully be running lots of instances, and I don’t care about achievements on this character, I don’t mind skipping some of the harder or more annoying quests and jumping around to new areas.

Yay, Mend Pet is once again about a Hunter AND a Priest!


Fun Guild Events 4: Costume Contest

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

This can be held both inside and outside of the game, although I’ve only ever done it in-game.

You’ll want to give lots of advanced notice of this one, because it might take a while to prepare.  The idea is to dress up as anything, whether it’s a Warcraft thing or not, using in-game gear for your character.  It can be really amazing to see how creative people can get.

Find somewhere to have your little show, and have everyone change and show their costumes one at a time.  This way everyone gets to see each costume up close and judge them!

At the end, take votes from all participants and spectators, top 3 from each.  Tally it up and reward the top 3 costumes!

If you are Horde, I can tell you one great place to hold this contest.  In the Graveyard at Brill, there is a Mausoleum which has a door that can be opened and closed by clicking on it, as well as a little elevated area that can be used as a stage.  The little room with the door makes a great change room.  This is excellent also because how much more Halloween-y can you get than being in an undead graveyard?!

Example: Unemployed’s Annual Hallow’s End Costume Contest

We’ve held one of these twice now, and both years there have been some really amazing ideas.  The first year, I dressed up as Super Mario, with the Blue Overals, Red Shirt, White Gloves and Red Hat all together.  I also used my (now ex-)boyfriend, who played a long-haired blond Blood Elf male and dressed him up in a pink dress and tiara, making him my Princess Peach.  I also bought a green raptor mount and tamed a green raptor for the even and named him “Yoshii”.

This year’s winner was Tokrishi, an Orc, who dressed up as a ninja turtle.  He got the shield that looks like a turtle shell, a nice Hanzo sword, a headband and even used the barber shop to shave his head.  It was awesome.

We also had Harry Potter, with a witch hat and broom and robes, and a Sith Lord with robe, hood and Spellblade.  Even Gollum from LoTR made an appearance!


Fun Guild Events 3: Level 1 Race

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

This has been done plenty of times by plenty of people, probably most notably by BigRedKitty.  It does require a little planning though.  Make sure you pick a good starting and finishing area, with a clear ‘line’ so no one has an advantage and there is no dispute over the winner.  For example, the end of a bridge or through a door is a good finishing line.

You also need to make sure that the path from one place to the other has some obstacles, like a boat or zeppelin.  And go through some areas where people are bound to be killed if they pick up mobs (Silverpine or Barrens), but no where that will get them constantly and repeatedly killed (Stranglethorn Vale comes to mind… evil place).

You’ll want to stay on your own character, so you can mount up and run back and forth to monitor progress.  Also make sure you form a raid group so you can track everyone’s location!  Audio commentary is really fun, so be sure to get everyone on vent.

One important thing that I would change about how we ran it, is the rules about resurrection.  It gives an unfair advantage to graveyard jump in this, by dying and then resurrecting at the next graveyard.  I would say keep the rule that if you die, you must run back to your corpse.

Example:  Unemployed’s Tauren Appreciation Month:  Running of the Cows

This was the second event held for our Tauren Appreciation Celebration.  Since we were all already in Thunder Bluff from our Cow Darts, we made our starting point the top of the Wind Rider tower, and the finish line was crossing through the entrance to Hammerfall in Arathi.  Unfortunately, since I didn’t define the graveyard jumping rule ahead of time, the winner was disputed and it didn’t end very well!


Patch 3.0.8: The Good, the Bad and the Broken.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Ah, Patch 3.0.8!  You make me feel all these different feelings… I both love and hate you!

I got to play quite a bit last night after the patch, and here are the good and the bad that I’ve observed so far.

The Good

  • +85 AP to 2H ([Greater Savagery]) now has a nifty red glow effect!
  • Arcane Shot is doing incredible amounts of damage for me, about twice as much as my auto shots.
  • [Aspect of the Viper] is off of the GCD!
  • The [Volley] nerf is barely noticeable on Naxx trash.
  • Shot rotations for Beast Masters!  Woo!
  • New Achievement for having the [Vampiric Batling] from Tenris Mirkblood.
  • [Kungaloosh] and a couple other recipes are available, and therefore the Chef title.
  • Ghost run speed increased greatly.
  • Moar graveyards!
  • Mining nodes now only takes one hit.
  • Rep gains from killing mobs doesn’t decay with level.
  • [Convention at the Legerdemain] only requires 4x[Northern Stew]!

The Bad

  • Wintergrasp is broken.
  • Lag and disconnect issues are still abound, at least on Hydraxis (may be due to Wintergrasp being fail).
  • [Aspect of the Dragonhawk] is STILL on the GCD (broken).
  • [Steady Shot] now does about the same damage as auto shot for me.
  • My kitty only does about 20% of my damage, rather than 50%.
  • New Warlock [Ritual of Summoning] is broken.
  • Paladins using [Hand of Protection] on other players get the Forbearance debuff applied to themselves (broken).

Since Naxx was such fail, and we were unable to conflate as a raid for any single boss due to all the disconnects, I don’t really have accurate stats on my new shot rotation and talents and such.  We had even more disconnection issues than we had before the patch, it was not a happy time for anyone.  We still managed to finish one wing (we’ve had a lot of practice fighting bosses with half the raid disconnecting) but we gave up when we couldn’t take Noth down.

Hopefully tonight will be more pleasant, and I’ll be able to report how my damage is looking!