January 30th, 2009

After much hesitance and resistance from both myself and my poor kitty and moth, I’ve decided to make a temporary switch to Survival.

It was a tough choice.  Like many other hunters, I had to decide which was more important: my enjoyment/loyalty to my spec, or doing a proper amount of DPS.

I am lucky enough to have a great raid and guild who would never pressure me either way.

On the one hand, my Blog clearly states “Beast Mastery” and I’ve held my pets very dear to me since I switched to BM back at 65.  I’ve been a little stubborn about it, and defensive when people say I’m only playing BM because it’s the “easy/highest DPS”.

On the other hand, I hate feeling like my DPS is bringing the guild down, and while I don’t care if I top the charts, I am a DPS class, and if I can’t do my job, well… what’s the point?

But after going from top 3 DPS to bottom 3 DPS in our raid just because of the changes they’ve made to my damage and pet, my choice was pretty clear.

So now I’ve really got to look into the spec and the rotations that have been suggested and tested by the hunters I respect.  I’ve been browsing them casually so far, but now I’ve got to actually understand the why and how of it all.

This could be a good thing though.

It’s an opportunity to try something new, and maybe I’ll find out that this is a better spec for me.  Or maybe it’ll renew my interest in the Beast Master tree.  Only time (and lots of ammo) will tell.  At least it will give me something to right about, if nothing else!

*starts researching*

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5 comments to “Switcheroo!”

  1. Couple of things:

    1. you are not beast mastery, you are a beast master! so the title can stay

    2. BM is getting rebuffed before Uldaurr and SV is going to get it’s dps output looked at and reduced – so sayeth Ghostcrawler this week.

    3. BM will be viable for raiding yet again, as is the circle of the hunter.

    4. Enjoy the new spec and new spells. I think the best thing any player can do is keep an open mind and remain versatile.


    Cait’s last blog post..Phasing out the Trolls

  2. Here’s what I said on my blog today.. Be true to yourself. If your happy with your decision and this is what “YOU” want and not what others want for you. Then AWESOME!!

    As for what to do next? Want to switch back to BM later? Go for it, if not, who knows you might actually find that you love SV better.

    (OH!! and as for Abouts and Bio’s?? One can easily explain that they switched. Even as SV your pet is still your friend. I mean come on, every hunter has a pet as their ally and best friend.. right?)

    Brigwyn’s last blog post..20 Questions with Lassirra of The Hunter’s Mark

  3. I actually took out part of the post where I said I’d probably switch back to BM if the un-nerfing proves to be what I hope it will. :)

    You’re right Brigwyn, I can’t let my blog dictate how I play – that’s just silliness, and I realized that.

    SV should be fun, and a learning experience for sure! I can always switch back if it’s not for me, nothing is locking me in one place or another.

  4. Sounds like me when I get all huffy about being asked to purely tank the adds on Sartharion. I’ll HELP tank the adds, but if I’m the only tank doing it (especially with drakes) I go into little fits of apoplexey. I also don’t like doing that, I enjoy being the person you can count on to tank anything, any time, any place.

    HOWEVER! Bears are fantastically BAD at AoE tanking things that run all over the place, and I hate hate HATE being so bad at something!

    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..The Kittens of Prophecy

  5. No harm in trying it eh?! I made the switch last week, and I have to say I am enjoying the SV spec I’ve got.
    I do miss BM and I am much more comfortable with it, but I admit that trying SV was a good exerience.

    Eresin’s last blog post..This Weeks Goals