RP Mad libs Part 2: Best RSP Flag Ever

January 28th, 2009

Here is the conclusion of Anna’s RP Mad lib, with my answers filled in.  You can see the story with the blanks here.  Look forward to seeing some of the stories!

Rose Jug-Sniffer

At first glance this woman appears to be 29, but her magnetic jaw suggest perhaps that she is older. Her movements are intense, especially her stride. With every step her bit pulls, drawing attention to the tabard made of the finest tunnels. You also notice the mechanical left hand clinking behind her, made of shiny metal. Around her left wrist is a Kobold staff bracelet, and she seems to eye it smoothly.

Her eyes are teal and dirty like a mustache – you can tell right away that she is furious and jealous. She has a bright and sparkly scar on her can that looks like she was once held captive by a Night Elf. Her unrestrained hair is puce as a dagger.

She is wearing dingy mittens that are very harmful, that fling her thigh nicely. When you see her, she’s either following repeatedly or defeating gradually, but she never takes her eyes off the so-called laser that she uses as a weapon.

Upon closer inspection, however, you feel that something about her is not quite right – maybe she’s part giant toad?

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2 comments to “RP Mad libs Part 2: Best RSP Flag Ever”

  1. Posted mine on my blog today and “Holy Discipline” posted on that blog too :)

    It can be found on caitsblogroll.blogspot.com

    And yes, that’s a shameless plug.

    *sips soda*

    Too much caffiene!

    Cait’s last blog post..New banner/theme

  2. maybe she’s part giant toad?

    I think that was my favorite line! lol

    Syrana’s last blog post..Amongst the Ruins is Back On Tour!