Fun Guild Events 4: Costume Contest

January 23rd, 2009

This can be held both inside and outside of the game, although I’ve only ever done it in-game.

You’ll want to give lots of advanced notice of this one, because it might take a while to prepare.  The idea is to dress up as anything, whether it’s a Warcraft thing or not, using in-game gear for your character.  It can be really amazing to see how creative people can get.

Find somewhere to have your little show, and have everyone change and show their costumes one at a time.  This way everyone gets to see each costume up close and judge them!

At the end, take votes from all participants and spectators, top 3 from each.  Tally it up and reward the top 3 costumes!

If you are Horde, I can tell you one great place to hold this contest.  In the Graveyard at Brill, there is a Mausoleum which has a door that can be opened and closed by clicking on it, as well as a little elevated area that can be used as a stage.  The little room with the door makes a great change room.  This is excellent also because how much more Halloween-y can you get than being in an undead graveyard?!

Example: Unemployed’s Annual Hallow’s End Costume Contest

We’ve held one of these twice now, and both years there have been some really amazing ideas.  The first year, I dressed up as Super Mario, with the Blue Overals, Red Shirt, White Gloves and Red Hat all together.  I also used my (now ex-)boyfriend, who played a long-haired blond Blood Elf male and dressed him up in a pink dress and tiara, making him my Princess Peach.  I also bought a green raptor mount and tamed a green raptor for the even and named him “Yoshii”.

This year’s winner was Tokrishi, an Orc, who dressed up as a ninja turtle.  He got the shield that looks like a turtle shell, a nice Hanzo sword, a headband and even used the barber shop to shave his head.  It was awesome.

We also had Harry Potter, with a witch hat and broom and robes, and a Sith Lord with robe, hood and Spellblade.  Even Gollum from LoTR made an appearance!

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3 comments to “Fun Guild Events 4: Costume Contest”

  1. This one sounds really fun! Do you have screenshots from the last time you guys did this event? I’d love to see how everyone’s costumes came out!

    (Or rather, does anyone in the guild have screenshots of it, I know yours were probably lost in the great angry computer fire)

    Cait’s last blog post..Calling all Totem Lovers

  2. I’m going to try to track some down… I know we had some posted on the website before!

    Also, I found out that I did in fact back up my screenshot folder.. yay! So there might be something in there. :)

  3. Deckhand’s Shirt + Ogre Loincloth + 10lb Catfish + Male Orc Mask = Gollum :D

    PS to anyone else : We also put up colored smoke plumes so it was like a fashion run-way, it rocked.

    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..I Like Loot Council!