Fun Guild Events 3: Level 1 Race

January 22nd, 2009

This has been done plenty of times by plenty of people, probably most notably by BigRedKitty.  It does require a little planning though.  Make sure you pick a good starting and finishing area, with a clear ‘line’ so no one has an advantage and there is no dispute over the winner.  For example, the end of a bridge or through a door is a good finishing line.

You also need to make sure that the path from one place to the other has some obstacles, like a boat or zeppelin.  And go through some areas where people are bound to be killed if they pick up mobs (Silverpine or Barrens), but no where that will get them constantly and repeatedly killed (Stranglethorn Vale comes to mind… evil place).

You’ll want to stay on your own character, so you can mount up and run back and forth to monitor progress.  Also make sure you form a raid group so you can track everyone’s location!  Audio commentary is really fun, so be sure to get everyone on vent.

One important thing that I would change about how we ran it, is the rules about resurrection.  It gives an unfair advantage to graveyard jump in this, by dying and then resurrecting at the next graveyard.  I would say keep the rule that if you die, you must run back to your corpse.

Example:  Unemployed’s Tauren Appreciation Month:  Running of the Cows

This was the second event held for our Tauren Appreciation Celebration.  Since we were all already in Thunder Bluff from our Cow Darts, we made our starting point the top of the Wind Rider tower, and the finish line was crossing through the entrance to Hammerfall in Arathi.  Unfortunately, since I didn’t define the graveyard jumping rule ahead of time, the winner was disputed and it didn’t end very well!

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