Patch 3.0.8: The Good, the Bad and the Broken.

January 21st, 2009

Ah, Patch 3.0.8!  You make me feel all these different feelings… I both love and hate you!

I got to play quite a bit last night after the patch, and here are the good and the bad that I’ve observed so far.

The Good

  • +85 AP to 2H ([Greater Savagery]) now has a nifty red glow effect!
  • Arcane Shot is doing incredible amounts of damage for me, about twice as much as my auto shots.
  • [Aspect of the Viper] is off of the GCD!
  • The [Volley] nerf is barely noticeable on Naxx trash.
  • Shot rotations for Beast Masters!  Woo!
  • New Achievement for having the [Vampiric Batling] from Tenris Mirkblood.
  • [Kungaloosh] and a couple other recipes are available, and therefore the Chef title.
  • Ghost run speed increased greatly.
  • Moar graveyards!
  • Mining nodes now only takes one hit.
  • Rep gains from killing mobs doesn’t decay with level.
  • [Convention at the Legerdemain] only requires 4x[Northern Stew]!

The Bad

  • Wintergrasp is broken.
  • Lag and disconnect issues are still abound, at least on Hydraxis (may be due to Wintergrasp being fail).
  • [Aspect of the Dragonhawk] is STILL on the GCD (broken).
  • [Steady Shot] now does about the same damage as auto shot for me.
  • My kitty only does about 20% of my damage, rather than 50%.
  • New Warlock [Ritual of Summoning] is broken.
  • Paladins using [Hand of Protection] on other players get the Forbearance debuff applied to themselves (broken).

Since Naxx was such fail, and we were unable to conflate as a raid for any single boss due to all the disconnects, I don’t really have accurate stats on my new shot rotation and talents and such.  We had even more disconnection issues than we had before the patch, it was not a happy time for anyone.  We still managed to finish one wing (we’ve had a lot of practice fighting bosses with half the raid disconnecting) but we gave up when we couldn’t take Noth down.

Hopefully tonight will be more pleasant, and I’ll be able to report how my damage is looking!

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4 comments to “Patch 3.0.8: The Good, the Bad and the Broken.”

  1. Wheeee to the +85 giving a glow. Such cosmetic things please me :-)
    the brokens aren’t too bad, they will fix the GCD issue soon I hope. Yeh SS does less, but we can now use Arance shot to make up for it :-)
    Yeh kitties are nerfed, so get a spirit beasty :D

    Eresin’s last blog post..Warbeads!…Everywhere! ARGH!

  2. Yeah, I’m fond of the new Kungaloosh recipe. I can make 100 Kungaloosh for basically the price of 20 Honeymint Tea.


    Rilgon Arcsinh’s last blog post..You create: [Box of Bombs].

  3. Detterance so sucks now :( .

  4. New Deterrence is way more useful from a PVE mindset, which is the only thing that matters.

    Rilgon Arcsingh’s last blog post..For noble causes, I have been charged!