Fun Guild Events 2: Cow Darts

January 20th, 2009

Cow Darts

This is a pretty easy one to set up, and quick to run.  You need to roll a Tauren and head to Thunder Bluff.  Find a good place to jump off, and just die.  Do no res, just run back to your corpse as a ghost and stand over your poor mangled body.

Now, have everyone else bring Taurens to Thunder Bluff.  I’d recommend giving a general hint about where you fell off (i.e. northern side of Hunter Rise), so they can find your corpse.  They should be able to see and target the corpse from the top of the Bluff.  Their task is to jump off and land exactly where your corpse is.

Everyone gets up to 3 tries.  If they are unsatisfied with their first attempt, they can release, res, and try again.  All that will be left are a pile of bones.  When they are satisfied with their attempt, or when they hit their 3rd try, they should not res, and should leave their body so their corpse remains for judging.

After everyone is finished, winner is the corpse closest to the “target”.  It can be hard to judge, because if there are some really good darts players, it will seem like some of the corpses have conflated into one dead Tauren.   Feel free to declare a tie or pick your favourite person to win. :P

Example: Unemployed’s Tauren Appreciation Month

This was the first event in our Tauren celebration.  Everyone had to name their characters with either “Moo” or “Cow” in their name, and also part of their main’s name (i.e. Moojana for Brajana, Cowfeet for Tigerfeet, Moumou for Koukou, etc).

After a few attempts, I found a good place to leave my corpse (character named “Cowtarget” or something).  Everyone did really well, and in the end it was really close.

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2 comments to “Fun Guild Events 2: Cow Darts”

  1. Haha. That’s pretty funny.

    Reminds me of Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump in Canada. The natives would drive herds of buffalo off of a cliff to their deaths. Better than chasing ‘em with pointy sticks.


  2. Our guild is alliance.. so we did this not too long ago..
    We all made level 1 gnomes and had a lock summon everyone to the Night Elf starting area. I previously had made a nelf and jumped off the top of the giant tree and used that as a target. (For some reason, not everyone could see the body, even standing next to it… so I used a white smoke flare on top of the body as well) Each person got 3 tries to land as close as they could. We had 5 rounds.
    It was a lot of fun.. and the onlookers thought we were crazy. I dont like gnomes, so it was very satisfying watching them all jump to their death :P lmao…