Fun Guild Event Ideas

January 16th, 2009

Can’t believe I haven’t done a post on this before.

So, my Officer role in Unemployed is to be Events Officer.  I organize all guild events that have nothing to do with raiding/pvp/instances, so basically everything that doesn’t really involve game play.

It’s been a while since I’ve held any events, since everyone is pretty caught up and busy with Wrath of the Lich King, but I’ve had a good number in the past.  If you are in a guild who likes to do stuff together other than raiding, I’d recommend some of these ideas to try to bring people together.  Most of these have been held by Unemployed already, but a few of them are ideas I’ve had in the works for some time now, just waiting for the right time.

Events like these are a great way to get people together in a fun situation – since raiding can get pretty stressful and full of tension, doing some just for fun activities can be a great way to get everyone playing nice and remembering that everyone is on the same side.

So starting next week, I plan to have a series on guild event ideas that I’ve tried or hope to try someday.  I hope this can find it’s way to other Guild Event Co-ordinators out there!

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Cow Darts
  3. Level 1 Race
  4. Costume Contest
  5. Bake Off/Cooking Contest
  6. Guild Meetup
  7. Themed Screenshot Contests

Author’s note:  I’ve read over this post several times, but there is not even an intimation of where I can squeeze in the WoW Word of the Week… Oh, there, that did it. :D

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3 comments to “Fun Guild Event Ideas”

  1. Greetings MEND PET BLOG!
    I agree with the idea of holding events other than raids and instances! I use small contests to try to build the morale and such between the guild members. The contests always prove to be interesting and fun for most members. Here are a few ideas:

    Guild Farm: Take the whole guild out (based upon level) to a zone and farm for a set time period. KILL EVERYTHING. Set some rules about loot, and try to get most the loot into the guild bank, but make sure to give the participants a cut as well.

    Non-Quest Quest (aka scavenger hunt): Send them out to collect a certain white drop that usually isn’t found on the AH.

    Last but not least, hold a contest that doesn’t even require you to log in! I currently have a contest up that is basically a word scramble. Jot it down on a scrap of paper, and ponder it while you are at work/school.

    Take care and keep up the good blogging!


    Bummer’s last blog post..Like a virgin, touched for the very first time…

  2. “Girl Meets WoW” used to post about similar things. She was on an all Kara run. They did some druid bird flight screenshots, etc. Just really fun stuff. She hasn’t blogged in a very long time though. Looking forward to reading what you’ve come up with for your guild events though!

    Cait’s last blog post..The Lagfest – Not a happy party

  3. I love all of these ideas. We did a treasure hunt before along the same lines, but this sounds a lot better and will be used in the near future.
    Thanks for all of your ideas on guild events! It helps to break out of the questing and instances to do something silly as a guild.
    Thanks again!