Brajana pretends to be a multi-boxer.

January 15th, 2009

After hearing about my so-called doppleganger from many guildies, I finally started questing in Icecrown Storm Peaks (I always get them mixed up.  There’s snow and ice and stuff… whatever!) and found myself face-to-face with HER.  Wish my cat was gigantic like her bear!


Note:  For the Screenshot I turned my PvP flag on and turned off my titles and guild tag.  I’m still guilded with Unemployed, don’t worry!

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3 comments to “Brajana pretends to be a multi-boxer.”

  1. Wow, cool shot. One thing though, those are either the smallest shoulders Ive even seen on someone or what happened to your shoulder armor? lol

    Something else to look forward to!

    Zuluki’s last blog post..Ka-Ching Ding…..

  2. Except Brijana is in Storm Peaks :P

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  3. ooh spooky!

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