Google and You Shall Receive

January 14th, 2009

Looking through the google search terms that brought people my way, I found a few interesting ones, and a few that I thought I might as well answer, in case someone finds Mend Pet with the same question again!

“where to farm borean leather”

Personally, I love to farm the gorillas in the south/south-east part of Sholazar Basin.  Apparently, BigRedKitty has a secret farming spot that he won’t tell anyone about… but I find these Gorillas are good because they are only level 76ish, they are grouped up (ideal for Gorilladin farming), they drop Chilled Meat, and I can keep an eye open for Loque’nahak the Spirit Beast there.

“antisocial hunter blog”

Should I be worried that so many people have been pointed my way using this search term?  Ah well.  Guess that’s what I get for writing my Upgrades for Anti-social Hunters guide!

“hunter mend pet addon” / “wow addon keep track of mend pet”

One big problem I have with the default UI is that it doesn’t let you keep pet buffs showing all the time – you have to mouse over.  So to keep track of Mend Pet, I use unit frames (Xperl for me).  You can also get a mod like KHT (Kharthus’s Hunter Timers)

“no money”

Yeah, don’t rub it in.  I’m poor.

“ice strikers cloak average cost”

This will of course vary on different servers and at different times, but to buy an [Ice Striker's Cloak] pre-made on the AH right now in Hydraxis, it’ll cost about 600 g.

To buy the mats, it will cost:

Personally, I chose to farm all the mats except for the Eternal Shadow.  You can get Eternal Fire pretty easily in Icecrown or Wintergrasp, and if you are a skinner, you may or may not have some Arctic Fur on hand.

“how to mend a giraffe’s back?”


Dude, this is not something to be googling.  If you have a giraffe with a broken back, please do not use the Internet to solve the problem.

“swiftarrow set has no gems”

This is a fact.  It as no gems.  You can see this as a good thing, if you don’t want to spend the extra gold on gemming.  However, it makes the gear less customizable.

“were is the entrance to the oculus”

Did you mean: whereis the entrance to the oculus?

Anyway… first time (and only time, so far) that I ran Oculus, I got really darn lost.  So here’s a guide.  While on your flying mount, get to the summoning stone, and face toward the instance structure.  Go inside.  If you’ve been to the Nexus, you’ll know where the entrance to that is, it’s slightly below ground level.  Now look up – there is a sort of bridge thingy with a gate and a portal directly above.  That is the Oculus!

“fun guild events wow”

What an excellent query.  In fact, I just so happen to have an entire series of posts ready to be published on the subject!  Just wait for it!

“ice barbed spear vs whale-stick harpoon”

The [Whale-Stick Harpoon] is much better, if you can get your hands on it.  Agility, Attack Power, Hit Rating… yep, the Harpoon is pretty nice.  But the [Ice-Barbed Spear] is nothing to scoff at until you can get your reputation up to the right level.  If you’d like to see a direct comparison, have a look here.

“band of kirin’tor hunter”

Depending on your level of play, I would say the [Band of the Kirin Tor] probably a good investment – however while the price tag may seem to be a intimation that this is the best ring you can find, it’s not.  It is only a level 200 ring, so there are a few that are better out there.  Here is a quick comparison with some other 200 and 213 level items.  Of course, if you are willing to pay extra just for the extra Hearth, then by all means, go ahead!

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7 comments to “Google and You Shall Receive”

  1. hee hee, you don’t want me to post my most common searches… some of them are pretty questionable xD

    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..Did I Ever Tell You You’re My Hero?

  2. That’s interesting and funny at the same time. Makes me wonder if I even have google searches pulling me up?

    Zuluki’s last blog post..Change and Groups

  3. Also farming borean leather with the gorillas may get you a spirit beast cos it can spawn around there too.

    You are lucky the Ice Striker’s Cloak on my server only sells for 150g if i’m lucky :-(

    BIG LOLS to the giraffe with the broken back comment, not that a giraffe with a broken back is funny, just the fact that someone would want to google it. Take the darn thing to a vet or a zoo.

    I did oculus once, never again.

    There is also an achievement to get that Band Of Kirin’Tor if i remember correctly.

    Eresin’s last blog post..Poll About Pets

  4. @Zuluki: That’s one of the many advantages of WordPress over Blogger, if I recall correctly :)

    @Eresin: That is true, there IS an achievement, I forgot! And I did mention the spirit beast, but somehow the word “Loque’nahak” got turned into “a’m”… hm, time to edit :)

  5. “ice barbed spear vs whale-stick harpoon”

    Runeblade of Demonstrable Power.

  6. Yes, the Runeblade is good, but that one takes a little longer to grind out… and also has no hit on it, which can often be an issue when you’re just starting out.

  7. *shrug* I suppose. I’d still use the Runeblade for the better DPS stats and then compensate for the hit elsewhere (SoRDB, points in Focused Aim, etc).

    And let’s see if fixing my Feedburner feed fixed CommentLuv.