Raiding with Another Hunter’s Bow

January 12th, 2009

Something I realized recently, is that I’ve only ever done a serious raid with Unemployed.   Sure, a few years ago I went on a couple of extremely disorganized 40-man raids, but I don’t really remember them, nor did I really know what I was doing.  Through all of Burning Crusade, and what I’ve done so far in Wrath of the Lich King, I’ve never been in a raid that was not with most of the same people I’ve always been with.

This got me wondering – what do other raids do differently?  What is their policy on talking and sharing strategies over vent and in raid chat?  How many attempts are they willing to do before giving up?  Do they have a strict schedule/sign ups, or jsut pull together whoever is online?

Well, I got to experience another raid in action yesterday – and it was quite interesting to see the differences.

My boyfriend called me last night, asking me if I could log on to his character, open his Oracles egg and grab him a new one.  (Sorry Honey, it was just some Yolks again!)  But as soon as I logged in, I’m presented with a group invite. 

I decline, and let the guild know it’s actually Gadgets’ girlfriend, not himself.  They joke and tell me to raid for him, and I joke back telling them my main is actually also a hunter, so it wouldn’t be so hard for me.

Up comes another raid invite.  “Seriously, it’s not Gadgets.”  “So?  We need DPS.”

After a quick call to the man, I’m given approval to go ahead and raid.

So I headed out to Heroic Naxxramas, to join Blood Right in working on the Construct quarter.  I did this place last week with Unemployed, so I was comfortable with all the boss fights.  But what I was not comfortable with was Gadgets’ action bars and key bindings (or lack of). 

So it took me a while to get used to clicking things I usually have key bound, and trying to find actions that aren’t used very often. 

In the end, I did reasonably well, and it was a lot of fun to see big numbers that I’m not used to (Gadgets is in full T7).

Edit to add: And what’s with the mana regen?  When we had patchwerk to about 20% I looked up and saw my mana was hovering between 80% and 90%,  and I freaked out thinking I’d somehow put myself in Viper the whole fight.  Nope!  Just never ran low on mana the entire raid.  That is much different from what I’m used to, and I’m not sure why - was it due to the large number of paladins present?  Anyone know where this could be coming from?

The neatest part was experiencing their strategies and organization.  The strategies they used were mostly the same as what Unemployed used, but their explanations were a little more thorough.  For example, before any Thaddius attempts, they practised the stacking and motions for a polarity shift without actually engaging the boss.  This is an excellent idea, and only took a couple extra seconds (rather than how we did in Unemployed, which cost us at least 1 wipe).

They were also much more open to suggestions and ideas, and people were allowed to talk through vent, although excessive chatter during boss fights was clearly discouraged.

And the raid clearly wasn’t extremely scheduled, it was pulled together with whoever was on, and lasted however long people could stay, or until it was clear they weren’t getting any further.

All in all, it was a good experience to see how another guild works.  I liked how it wasn’t quite as strict as Unemployed, but it made me realize how good our raid group is.  Blood Right’s average DPS was close to 1000 more than Unemployed’s, but the fights seemed about even from what I could see.  I had an intimation that gear and big numbers just aren’t everything!

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3 comments to “Raiding with Another Hunter’s Bow”

  1. Well done! My boyfriend once went for a shower when he was still logged in as his rogue, and asked me to keep an eye out that he didn’t get ganked.
    Me, being a hunter, had no idea how to play a rogue, but, me being me, was too engrossed in what I was doing that I simply said ‘uh-huh’ to whatever his request was.
    So his rogue starts getting ganked, and I’m like WTF! so I start hitting buttons, turning on UI recording etc. It was a disaster.
    So yeh I was pretty hopeless at just keeping out of trouble. For you to do a whole raid on someone else’s UI, tremendous!

  2. On the mana thing, yes, thank the pallies. I know I do on my priest, all the time, for their bountiful Replenishment! (Shamans help too, with one of their totems.)

    Kestrel’s last blog post..The Oroborus Returns to 25-Man Raiding

  3. It is really odd raiding with another UI – my husband has a resto druid that I pugged with one day for him to gear it up a little…(in BC my resto druid was my main, so I figured I’d be fine)…let’s just say keybindings are far more important than I ever realised. Not to mention that his are set up to take advantage of his customized UI, while I play with a Z board (and struggle to even play my new-main-hunter on a standard keyboard due to button placements).

    Anyway the reason for my comment was a recent discovery that you can have a Mysterious Egg and a Cracked Egg at the same time – I flew hubby to the Oracles to buy a new egg, remembering when I got there that he’d said something about it being in the bank…OH CRAP… but it was ok, I could buy the new egg, start the timer, and let him open the cracked one when he got home. It was a yolk :( Saved me a trip back to Dalaran to open the old one though.