This Week in Raiding… Naxx-25 and Kel’Thuzad!

January 10th, 2009

As you may or may not know, Monday is not a regular raid night for me.  It’s an off night, usually spent preparing the the 3 following raid nights.. making sure gear is enchanted, consumables are ready to be consumed, etc.  And this Monday was not supposed to be any exception.  In fact, when I got home that night, all I wanted to do was alt around and sit on my butt relaxing after a stressful first day of work.

But some of Unemployed wanted to finish up Naxx, all they had left was Kel’thuzad.  It wasn’t my Naxx raid, but one of the Hunters had to back out.  I politely declined… then a couple of minutes later, received tells from 3 different raid members practically begging me to go.

I’m a wimp when it comes to peer pressure.

So I went, and it really wasn’t that bad. It was just for the boss fight, no dreadful trash to wade through.  And it turns out the Kel Thuzad fight is actually pretty simple, at least for my hunter purposes.  Kill the Skellies.  Kill Kel.  Loot.

But I had a quick peek at the damage charts afterwards… I was last for DPS.  Sitting around 1800, with the next closest person at 2200.  :(   I tried to come up with excuses:  None of my gear is enchanted.  I have never done this encounter.  I’m out of practice.  But in the end, I was thoroughly depressed, afraid I should be disqualified from further raiding until I don’t suck so much.

But then, Tuesday came.  Our first 25 man guild run of Naxx.  I had to go.  So I gathered my mats, enchanted all of my gear, bought a scope, cooked some food, made some flasks and hoped for the best.

And what did I get?  My best.  :)

From last to first for DPS in one night.  Now, I doubt enchants and proper buffs were enough to make the difference, soI guess I was just on top of my game!

And even though I didn’t get to participate in the Heigan fight due to our crazy lag and disconnection issues, I’m still pretty proud of myself.  Also picked up

From Tuesday to Thursday, we managed to clear all 4 wings of Naxx, except for Thaddius.  It was a very productive week.  I even picked up a piece of gear, [Cult's Chestguard]!

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2 comments to “This Week in Raiding… Naxx-25 and Kel’Thuzad!”

  1. Help us Brajana-bread-kenobi! You’re our only hope!

    I knew if I whipped out the Star Wars we’d get you :3

    Tigerfeet’s last blog post..It Doesn’t Work That Way

  2. Hehe. How right you are! :)