The State of Raiding in Wrath

January 9th, 2009

Simply put, I don’t like it.

Less simply, I don’t like having 10- and 25-man versions of all raids.

I don’t like how quickly progression is happening for everyone.

I think Blizzard’s new end-game is fail.

Now, let me rant justify.

Blizzard wanted everyone to be able to see all the content. Casual player? No problem! You can still get to see all the raids. Only have 10 people in your guild? That’s ok!  Don’t have a guild and need to PUG al the time?  Don’t worry, you’re covered!

See, I like to raid about 3 hours on 3 nights a week – it is a perfect balance for me, giving me enough days to still spend time outside the game, and enough time on raid nights to get my housework and running around done.

I also like to have a team to work on content with.  A group of players that I get to hone my skills with, share experiences with, reach goals with.

And I like to feel like with enough hard work, concentration and practice, we can progress together as a whole.  That feeling of spending the last 2 raid nights working on a particular boss and finally getting them down on the third day.  Screenshot!  Woo!

Alright, it sounds pretty good at face value.  But what has this translated to? Quick and easy raids which require little to no team effort, and division in guild between the ‘elite’ 10-man group and the ‘rest’ who make up the 25-man.  I know there are some fights that require extra attention or focus or gear level, but they are a very small minority.  

Now, I don’t feel like I’m part of a team. Even if I spent the whole week on top of the damage meters, even if I’m an Officer of my guild, I feel like I’m an outsider, jsut another DPS added to the 10-man core so they can get better loot.  And I don’t feel anything when I’ve killed a new boss.  Most people have already killed it anyway.  It feels no different to me from running a heroic 5-man dungeon.  Kill, loot, move on.

Why do I feel like this?

Because I raid 3 hours a week, 3 nights a week, I took my time getting to 80, and I went away during the holidays. In my couple of weeks away, most raiders in my guild cleared Naxxramas without me, and some even without each other. People have PUG’d 10- and 25-man raids, some have been to nearly all raids and content that’s to be seen.

Here are some examples of when I’ve been frustrated with all this.

This week was our first week in 25-man Naxx. Only my second time in Naxx at all, and for about half the fights, it was my first time seeing them.

Yet the raid leaders assumed that everyone knew what was going on. Or otherwise, assumed that DPS doesn’t really need to know anything about the strategy, they just shoot things. “It’s just like 10-man. Go!”  All that really matters are the healers and tanks.  Yes, I’ve read up on the fights a bit… but there are so many fights, and usually 2 versions of each to remember, as well as which particular strategy we’re planning to use.  Since no one says which fights we will be doing before we start, I can’t really take the time to refresh my memory.

Secondly, Tues-Wed-Thurs are our “progression” nights. Yet Friday night, the raid leader is getting a group together for 10-man Malygos, which we have never cleared. Sorry, but is that not the definition of progression?

When I asked about it, I was told that it didn’t really count because it’s a 10-man and only the best geared were allowed to go.

Great, now we’ve got cliques and are discriminating. That’s exactly what I want. We will have this group of 10 elite people in the guild who will continue to progress, and then when we start a new fight in 25-mans, we won’t “reallly” be progressing as a team.

And if I ever want to see any 10-man content, I’ll have to raid on off-nights, which I don’t want to do.

So where does this leave me? It leaves me feeling like I’m being left behind because I will only raid on raid nights. Feeling like I’m a less important player. Feeling like I’m only going to the boss fights for the loot.

And consequently, I’m now getting more concerned about loot and how it is distributed. I’ve never been had an issue with it before, because loot was always just icing on the accomplishment cake. But now that my cake has been taken away, that icing needs to be really tasty for me to see a point to continue on.

I also feel, if it is necessary to discriminate and only bring the best geared to some raids, I’m gonna need a whole lot of icing for people to see me as an equal.

Now, some of this conflict may have to do with how my guild is handling the changes.  But it’s mostly due to the fact that these changes are happening at all – I can’t see anyone handling it much better.  It’s not like my guild has changed, just the game.

Does anyone else feel this way?  Or has anyone found an effective solution to this?

I realize, since this is only the first week (for me, at least) of 25-man raiding, and many are just getting back from holidays, things may change for the better.  But we will just have to see.

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2 comments to “The State of Raiding in Wrath”

  1. While I’m not there yet, I think the changes Blizz has put into place has only made a certain situation worse. For some reason everyone seems to think DPS is the measure of elite, and that only epics qualify. While I never got far in the BC progressions as my guild had just began raiding last summer, many of us entered Kara in a mix of blues and greens with a sprinkle of epics. I can honestly say we never wiped due to poor gear. We wiped because we made mistakes. From everything I heard and read about the new raids, I feel that a good group would be fine in greens and a smattering of blues. I’ve even read where guilds entered these raids in just that. But I agree, too easy is almost worse than too hard.

  2. About your comments on your guild’s raiding… I agree with it. This is why I am thinking about not raiding with Unemployed anymore… to me its always seemed like the raid belonged to certain people, and then the rest of us just got to tag along and get leftovers since took our time leveling and have priorities outside of WoW. And then the situation on Friday with the Malygos run… that just pissed me off. Reading “Need ten of the best geared to do this” on the forums is a load of crap… why only the best geared? Sure, best gear equals best chance of killing something, but where the hell is the fun? — Sorry about my rant…

    Sorry to hear WoW and raiding isn’t as fun for you as it was. Hope it gets better for ya. Good luck!