Mend Pet hits 100 posts! Huzzah!

January 7th, 2009

I was just clearing out some old drafts and noticed that my next post will be #100!  So here it is.  I thought I’d do a little review of the blog and how it’s come along since it was started, and where I hope to see it going in the future.  A good way to start off the new year, eh?

First Post(s):  July 17th, 2008: Enter Brajana. & Enter Ferguson.:  I started off the blog with short little RP stories about the two characters the blog would be based around.  I know most of the Mend Pet isn’t about RP (or really even about the priest… I’ll get back to him soon, I promise!), but I do enjoy it occassionally when the mood strikes, and thought this could be a good way to start things off.

First comment: By bremere of Healing Anonymous on Anticipation for WotLK, shortly followed by Pike of Aspect of the Hare and Cynra of airee.net!  I was very excited to see posts from other bloggers showing up, and I’m glad I’ve managed to keep their attention – Pike was also one of my most recent commenters. :)   I’ve been really glad that almost all of my posts since then have had at least a few comments.  After all, active discussion is what makes blogs work!

Most viewed:  A Guide to Merrymaking! was by far my most popular post to date with more than twice the views as the next most popular.  I am glad that my guide came in handy making so many people merry!

The second most popular post was another guide I wrote, Upgrades for Anti-social Hunters.  I know I have referred to this several times while working on my level 78-80 gear, and it was just as much for my own personal use as anyone else’s.  Good luck to all you fellow anti-social hunters… we’re too good for PUGs!

Most commented:  Gender-specific Blogging was my most controversial and discussed post.  Originally, I was going to post about gender-specific gaming, a more general topic, but I decided to focus it a bit more on the blogging side.  I got quite a lot of hassle from it – and while it seems I accidentally offended several people I really wasn’t aiming at, I think it got some good discussion going in a few different blogs.

The Future of Mend Pet:  Where do I see this site when I hit 1 year?  200 posts?  Well, hopefully still running actively.  I plan to continue blogging as long as it continues to interest me.  This is a hobby after all, and I never want it to feel like a chore.  So far, it hasn’t.  I’m glad I bought the domain and upgraded to a hosted WordPress site, and I plan to work on new themes and maybe even some plugins to enhance and prettify Mend Pet.

I’m going to keep my WoW Word of the Week running as long as there are words I don’t know.  It gives me something to post on Sundays, and also gives me a little challenge during each post to try to incorporate this new word.  Yay for  learning!

Now that raiding season is back on, be prepared for more This Week in Raiding posts!  Lots of gear and griping about wipes to be had. 

Also, inspired by my Guide to Merrymaking, I’d like to start a series of Achievement guide posts.  These won’t be specifically weekly or on a set schedule, but whenever I can get them together.  Hopefully I can recruit the help of my Achievement-addicted boyfriend and come up with something to help others get their easier.  Yes, I know Wowhead has all the info.  But it’s nice to have someone go through and weed out the crap from the good info and shove it in one place, no?

If you have any other suggestions for the site, please let me know!

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2 comments to “Mend Pet hits 100 posts! Huzzah!”

  1. Well grats to you! :D I don’t even know how many posts I’ve got… I should check…

    And quit whinin’ about your dps, you topped 3k dps last night!

  2. Congrats!!!!