Brajana the Gorilla-slayer

December 20th, 2008

Seriously, there should be some sort of achievement for wiping out an entire species!

Brajana's Inventory

After a solid hour of farming Sholazar Basin, I’ve got 105x[Swatch of Gorilla Hair], 12x[Hefty Barrel], 69x[Chilled Meat] and a 28x[Heavy Borean Leather].  Nesingwary would be proud!

However, I’m sure Hanno, my gorilla wasn’t very happy about all the carnage I put him through. :P

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4 comments to “Brajana the Gorilla-slayer”

  1. If I may ask – was there a point to the carnage?

  2. Yup, the point was the 28x[Heavy Borean Leather] :)

    Got my LW to 440 due to the sacrifice of the gorillas!

  3. I’m glad I had my gorilla with me then. She’s missed out on being slaughtered then. lol

    Nice haul though. I can’t wait to make a run or two through there when I’m high enough in level.

  4. Aha, that makes sense then. :P