mendpet.wordpress.com is now mendpet.com!

December 16th, 2008

I’ve decided to splurge for Christmas and buy myself a domain for the blog!

I’ve set the old address, and all the old links to redirect to the new address, so those should all still work, but the new posts will all only appear on the new domain.

I’m using the same theme as before for now, however it’s a much older version of it, so I’ve got some fixin’ up to do.  Soon enough I’ll start using a shiny new theme, but that’ll come later!

Make sure you update your links and bookmarks to the new Mend Pet and your RSS feed to the new RSS Feed!

And nooooww… I am powered by Wowhead!  Look!  [22 Pound Catfish]

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5 comments to “mendpet.wordpress.com is now mendpet.com!”

  1. Hrm, I don’t quite see the Powered by WoWhead working, but that might be due to some NoScript settings.

    *goes to tinker*

  2. I would guess that is the case, although I haven’t really tested other browsers or anything. Make sure mendpet and wowhead are considered trusted by noscript, that should get it to work :)

  3. GRATS! Always a good feeling to have a nice place to display your work and accomplishment. Great site.

  4. Grats! It’s an awesome feeling to have a domain name of your very own. :)

  5. Yeah, whitelisting mendpet.com made it work. :D