This Week in Raiding… Oculus and Naxxramas

December 6th, 2008

So I finally hit 80!  Time to run some heroics and raids, right?

Nope.  Instead of skipping right to raiding and heroics, I took a trip to regular Oculus with a couple other newly 80 guildies, and a couple not so newly 80.  And it turns out running something on regular was a really good idea.  It turns out I haven’t run any instances since around 72-73… and other than those 4 times I ran instances then, I haven’t run a 5-man instance in many a month.  I was rusty, it was pretty clear.  I was running around all flummoxed, not used to it being more than just Hanno and me.

No sending my gorilla in and rounding things up, then volleying.  No, now I have to pay attention to which target I and my pet are on!  And I have to pay attention to when my cooldowns are up!  I admit I forgot to use kill shot about half the run… even though it gives me a little notice when I can use it, I’m so used to ignoring the notice that I just seemed to skip it.

But in the end, I started to get back into the swing of things.  I am glad I had guildies there to not think I was a total noob.

You shoulda seen me running around trying to find the entrance to the instance.  I’ve decided the minimap should be 3 dimensional.

If I’d PUG’d myself, I’d have kicked myself before the run even started!

Anyway, it was hunter night in Oculus apparently, and I could have picked up 3 upgrades.  I grabbed the [Wyrmclaw Battleaxe], the [Centrifuge Core Cloak] and passed on the [Spaulders of Skillful Maneuvers] since I’m going to be making new shoulders soon anyway (but I won the roll for the shard!)

All in all, it was nice to be back to running things and being part of a group.

While I didn’t get to go to Naxxramas, <Unemployed> had quite a successful week.  The got quite a few bosses down.  I just hope I get a chance to get in there before they clear it all!

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5 comments to “This Week in Raiding… Oculus and Naxxramas”

  1. That’s all too funny and quite understandable. I would probably be in the same boat as you. In fact I know I would. I’m so used to going solo right now I would definitely be a drag on a party for quite a while in an instance. I’m glad you mentioned ‘Kill Shot’, and ignoring it while leveling. I’ve really wondering about this skill since I got when I hit level 71. It’s really nice and hits extremely hard, but the mana cost is pretty big as well. Now I know that I can pretty much ignore this at until I start doing more instances.

  2. Yeah, I tried using Kill Shot on regular mobs at first, but noticed that by the time they hit 20%, my pet and my autoshots and a steady shot could take it down to 0 just as quickly as a Kill Shot, for a lot less mana.

  3. While Kill Shot is not really a farming/questing-type skill is IS really helpful to have macro’d into your shot rotation for Boss kills (with a /cast Kill Shot line before your regular shots in the rotation. make sure you include the error suppression in your macro if not already there).

    It will be ignored until the boss hits 20%, then be the first thing activated once the Boss is below 20% and the GCD is over from your regular shots.

  4. Thanks Boostah! After I started actually using Kill Shot, I did think about putting it into a macro. Hadn’t gotten around to it yet, but I will do that before my next heroic.

    I’m scheduled to spend the day running heroics on Friday, to celebrate the end of my exams, so I’ll give it a whirl then.

  5. Grats!! :)