When do hunters learn Mend Pet?

November 3rd, 2008

Disclaimer: This post was accurate as of patch 3.3.5.

Level 12.

That means for your first two levels with a pet, you have to just keep them alive.  Bandage them maybe, if you must.

Find out more here.

This question frequently shows up in my Search Engine hit statistics… apparently a lot of people are curious about this, and reasonably so, you’d think you’d get it at the same time you get your pet, but that is not the case!

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2 comments to “When do hunters learn Mend Pet?”

  1. Hey Brajana, I was just looking through your older posts, and you never used a word of the week here, what’s up with that? Also, it’s pretty funny that you’re answering your search hits.

  2. Shhhh!

    Actually, looks like I missed this whole week. There’s a few like that… including the present week ;) Sometimes I just don’t have a new word!