Falling in love with Huntering, all over again

October 31st, 2008

This past weekend, I was feeling in a very unproductive mood.  I didn’t want to do work, I wanted to do weekend stuff, like sit on my bum and play World of Warcraft all afternoon and evening.

So that’s what I did.

The only problem was, I didn’t know what I wanted to play.  I didn’t feel like working on achievements or grinding on my hunter.  Ferguson hasn’t healed since the patch, and I am sure I’m out of practise.  I don’t want to group for anything anyway, I just want to play on my own for a while.  My mage was sitting at level 55 waiting for someone to take her through Sunken Temple before all the quests turn grey.

Yup, I was in a ‘start a new character’ mood again.

I’m enjoying the achievement system, but I bet it’s a whole different experience when going through from level 1.  All the statistics would be accurate, you’d start off with 0 points instead of 1000.  I want to experience that.

So, I head to the character creation screen.  I’ve run out of room on Hydraxis, so I head to Dark Iron – my Alliance server, home to my little mage.

But what to play, what to play…  I don’t know what class I want to play, so I’ll pick my race first.  That will help me pick a class!  So…

Night Elf? Uh, no.

Gnome?  Got one of those.

Human?  Boooring.

Dwarf?  Dwarves are cool – but female dwarves are ugly!

Male Dwarf it is!

What class to play?

My options are:  Priest (got one), Hunter (got one), Warrior (started an alt warrior recently, got bored at level 13), Rogue (same as warrior) and Paladin (I hate paladins almost as much as Night Elves).

Well, I have to pick something.  Something fun to play, that I’m likely to get over that level 13 hump with.

I know that I like priests and hunters….  But I hated leveling as a priest.

And thus, I have a new Male Dwarf Hunter, Drostan! (it’s Gaelic!)

And right after I finished picking out his grey hair and pale skin and started logging in, I knew I’d made the right choice.  It’s been so long since I leveled as a hunter, but it was so enjoyable to me.  And now that I know so much more about the class, it will be great to try to do it all over again, play without Steady Shot or a warrior tank to level from 1-60 with.  It will also be neat to see how the pet changes work at lower levels.

I got from level 1-11 on my first day, and picked up a bear named Righneas (Gaelic for tenacity.. hehe!)

As I venture through, I’ll likely post little pointers or things I’ve noticed going back through the class.  It’s going to be a fun ride, I think!

Right now, i’ve gotten him to… 13.  That’s the level the majority of my alts stay at, but I am determined to make some more progress with this little guy.

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5 comments to “Falling in love with Huntering, all over again”

  1. Female dwarves are NOT ugly! If you pick the right combination of face/hairstyle etc., I think they’re darned cute. I like the curves. :)

    Then again, I don’t find RL women who are sticks to be all that attractive either. Heh.

  2. hehe. Okay, there are some combinations that are okay, but they just don’t do it for me. And I agree on the stick thing – which is why I also don’t play a Blood Elf. :)

  3. No better hunter than a Dwarf in my opinion.. I love mine. :)
    Great choice!

  4. Should’ve made a blueberry. *V8 bonk*

  5. you just lost some cool points…. dwarves suck…
    and on that note, anything that is “adult” and less than 5′ tall, needs to be killed