This week in raiding… A’lar downs Unemployed :(

September 20th, 2008

Well, the game is beginning to slow down.  Now that we have a pukka release date of Wrath of the Lich King, people are starting to realize how close it really is, and how the work we put into raids now isn’t going to do a whole bunch of good for us later.  We have had a guild discussion about the direction we want to take.  Our options are pretty much: a) Work on Kael’thas and Vashj, b) Work on Zul’Aman, see if we can get at least one bear mount, or c) Take a break from raiding all together.

Most people opted for the Kael/Vashj idea.  We’d all really feel it would bring a sort of conclusion to our raiding progress.  I agree, plus I’d like that title! :)   But I wouldn’t mind a bear mount either… and a break would probably do my grades some good.  So really, I’m along for whatever the guild chooses.

Tuesday night, we planned to get some more Tempest Keep, but unfortunately, our luck with A’lar returned.  After a number of attempts, we just couldn’t get him down.  Instead of trying to re-clear all the trash, we gave up and called it a night.  It was very frustrating.

Wednesday night, we didn’t have enough people signed up to do a real 25-man, so we tried to split into two Zul’Aman groups.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough interest to get two Zul’Aman groups going… so we ended up with one.  I felt a bit bad, because that meant that some people who really wanted to go to Zul’Aman couldn’t, but something is better than nothing!

We tried to do it as quickly as possible, but we only managed to get the first timed chest.  We had some confusion in the pull before the Bear boss, and it led to the timer going off when we had him down to 50%.  We still practiced the rest of the run as if it were a speed run, and we got all four bosses down.  We had to reset a couple of times on the dragonhawk boss, so we wouldn’t have gotten it anyway.  But it was good practice!  Hopefully we’ll do better next time.

Thursday night, we continued ZA from where we’d left off – at Hex Lord.  Got Hex Lord and Zul’jin down – it was my first time seeing both fights!  And they’re both pretty fun.  I have decided I really like Zul’Aman.  I like the way the bosses are set up, and I really like how the final boss cycles through each of animal bosses.

I see a lot of ZA in our future… and not so much Kael and Vashj like we were hoping.  I think too many people are just ready for the expansion and can’t be bothered to come… which I can understand.

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