A Visit to the Public Test Realm

September 19th, 2008

So, I finally managed to get onto the PTR today!  I’ve tried before, but the lag was always unbarable.  It turns out the PTR isn’t so popular at 7AM.  So I hopped on, threw my talent points where they are likely to end up (really, just my current spec + a couple of the new BM talents).  Then I got to work on what I really wanted to play around with – the pets!

First off, I wanted to answer a question I had.  How will Willy’s Warp work?  (try to say that 5 times fast!)  I wanted to see what the deal would be with using Warp and Charge.  It turns out, like I was expecting, but hoping wasn’t true, you have to choose between them.  You can either use Warp or use Charge… which means, having a Warp Stalker will either: render one of the main Tenacity talents useless or render the pet family’s only special ability useless.  While he still seems to hold aggro pretty well, I don’t want to have a tank that can’t use one of it’s abilities.

So it looks like when 3.0.2 hits, Willy’s going to have to be released back into the wild, to make room for a more useful tank!  :(   I will miss you, Willy!

And the same goes for Fiddlesticks… I have always hated Prowl.  it’s no use, and I always run off and leave my pet prowling behind.

So I ventured off to try to find my next DPS pet.  First, I tried a core hound.  Pretty cool, I must say.  And that casting time debuff does stay up constantly, which is a nice little PvP thing to have!  But I don’t think I’d want one as my main DPS pet.

Next, I headed off to Netherstorm remembering those really pretty moths… I’ve always loved those purpley beauties!  So I plopped down a trap and tamed a nice level 68 moth.  The moment it flew to my side, I knew I’d found my pukka DPS pet.  He’s beautiful!  And he looks awesome with Brajana.  I took him for a test run on some of the nearby mobs, and not only could he kill things pretty darn quickly, but he could manage to hold aggro decently enough too.  Yep, this pet is for me!

So the next task is:  Find a new Tenacity pet.  I’m thinking I’ll give the Gorilla and Bear a try, see if I can decide if I want a pet who can multi-tank or one that can focus tank.

Sparkle is going to stick around as my Cunning pet.  I tried her out for a bit, and she does great DPS – I also really like some of the talents in the Cunning tree.  That mana regen thing?  Cool.

OH!  And I had a look through the Achievements panel.  There are some really neat ones, although I’m a little confused about the retroactivity – somehow, it knows I’ve done Black Rock Depts, but doesnt’ know I did Wailing Caverns.  Hm.

And “Deaths By Hogger” is a very neat statistic.  Gonna have to go aggro him and let him kill me at least once, just to have something there! :P

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6 comments to “A Visit to the Public Test Realm”

  1. I wouldn’t toss the kitty just yet; Blizz recently said it doesn’t feel right that cats have gone from being the most-desired pet to the least-desired pet so they’re working on giving it another skill to go with Prowl. Hopefully it’s a good one, cause I <3 my kitties!

  2. *hugs and twirls* Awesome post, thank you so much! Exactly what I want to hear, and pretty close to what I want to do with my own hunter, as well!

    1) First off, I heard cats were getting a new ability, because the devs realized that the number 1 pet in BC becoming nearly useless in WotLK is just silly. I think the new ability was called Rake, but I haven’t researched it thoroughly.

    2) Good to know on the warp stalker. I LOVE the way they look, and their bored animations, but to be honest, I hate they way the look when they RUN. Unfortunately, my pets spend 95% of their time running, so that was a big turnoff for me.

    3) What made you decide (specifically) that the core hound was not the dps pet for you? I have a feeling the Kurken will be camped constantly, and although he’s adorable (you know, in that drooly, evil core-hound kinda way) I’m still not sure I will like him, and I’d like to know your thoughts on one.

    4) Another vote of love for the moths! That settles it, I’ll definitely have to tame one and see if it works. My hunter’s not really the soft, frilly moth kinda gal, but if it works it works!

    5) Definitely update me on gorilla vs bear. (though the bear is technically still a multi-tanker, they just have to be standing in front of him for it to count). I hear the gorilla’s cooldown makes him less viable as a tanking pet than the bear in some cases. Same for the gator’s cooldown (the other aoe tanking pet)

    6) I am now even more excited about the achievements stuff! Did you see you can actually get special MOUNTS for certain achievements? I am -so- there.

  3. @Ego: My Hunter isn’t a soft, frilly moth kind of blueberry, either, but I have one because they’re cute AND bloodthirsty!

    @Brajana: Did you just get on TODAY? How are you reacting to the soul-crushing DPS nerfs?

  4. @Pike: I guess I hadn’t really heard about that! Woo, there is yet hope for Fiddlesticks!

    @Ego: 2)It took me a while to get used to the look of the warp stalker when I first tamed Willy. But I get so attached to all of my pets – I have come to love his quirkiness!

    3) I decided the core hound isn’t really the DPS for me because it’s just too big and bulky, and the casting time debuff isn’t super useful all the time.

    5) I’m going to try to get some tries in this weekend with the bear & gorilla test. I’ll get back to you. :)

    6) More mounts! More mounts! Gonna have to see if anyone has figured out a way to do a userandom macro with the new mounting system…

    @Rilgon: I installed the PTR on Sunday, but every time I logged in it was just too much for me to handle. It was taking 15 seconds for each talent point to register! I have also been super duper busy, as my lack of posting can attest to! I didn’t play too much today, and I was mostly focussed on watching the pet DPS rather than my hunter’s DPS, and I haven’t really fought anything I could notice it on, so I didn’t really notice a huge DPS nerf. Is it really that significant?

  5. How about a screenshot with the moth?

  6. @Brajana: All I’m going to do is link to this entry at SES.